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Broke? Get Your Friends to Pay for Games & Play Fortnite on iOS Again!

PS5 console sharing

Bought the next-gen systems and no money left for games? Well... read on. (Image Credit: Sony)

What a week. Or am I just saying that as a standard phrase to start this entry? Let’s find out by going over this week's highlights:

There is no reason you have to pay full price for a next-gen game. Well... unless you have no friends, then... that's a reason. Also: Fortnite is coming back to iOS!

Sounds interesting? Of course, it does. Let's go:

Too broke to buy games at full price? Don’t worry, we got you (Vol 1 of the broke people guide)

Broke? Strapped for cash? Still somehow managed to buy the Xbox Series X with the savings you excruciatingly scrapped together for tough times? Yes? Well, then you probably now have a next-gen system sitting at home without any games to enjoy. That’s… a problem. But fret not: Got a wealthy(er) friend? Share accounts with him and play his games for free. Sounds good? We’ll explain what to do. For now, you know what to do:

Watch that video up there.

Too broke to buy games at full price? Don’t worry, we got you (Vol 2 of the broke people guide)

Don’t repeat the last paragraph… don’t repeat the last paragraph, don’t repeat…

Uhm? Broke? Not enough money for PS5 games cause you spend it all for the uhm… ah, just read the thing above and swap Xbox for PS5:

Here’s how you can make your friend pay for all your PS5 games. That’s what friends are for… right...? Right?

How to play Fortnite on an apple again

116 million people play Fortnite on iOS. 116 million. Gotta hand it to Apple: They blocked Fortnite just so that Epic wouldn’t set a precedent, because:

NO ONE is taking 30% from Apple!

Even if that someone is the company behind the most successful game in the world and behind the gaming engine that every other game runs on. Well, for now Nvidia has stepped in to bring Fortnite back to Apple: Download GeForce when it releases and you can play Fortnite through the Safari browser.


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Amidu Njiemoun

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