“Horizon Call of the Mountain” Will Be The First Triple A For PSVR2

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Horizon Call of the Mountain is being billed as the game to change VR, and it's going to be a flagship product for PSVR2. Here's what we know so far!
PSVR2 is bringing the big guns... | © Sony

Horizon is back in the headlines again, and no, this time it's not about the long awaited sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. As amazing as the sequel looks (seriously, with all these releases, this might be the best Spring in gaming we've had in a decade), we're talking about the Horizon VR game. A game that looks set to revolutionize the VR space, and could see the PSVR2 surge in popularity. But what is Horizon Call of the Mountain? And when will Horizon Call of the Mountain be released?

What is Horizon Call of the Mountain?

Horizon Call of the Mountain is a VR experience set in the Horizon Zero Dawn universe, it's being given unprecedented funding and is set to be the flagship release title for PSVR 2. This is a great move from Sony; the world of Horizon is exciting and vibrant, and the immensity of the "dinosaurs" should be really breathtaking in VR. But before we go on for too long, gushing about a game that hasn't even been released yet, why not just take a look yourself:

You only get a glimpse of the game at the end of that reveal trailer, but it's enough to have made us hugely excited about this release. Just imagine it, crawling through the jungle undergrowth or climbing to the canopy. But we're going to need to see what upgrades PSVR2 is bringing before we start reaching for the wallets and making pre-orders.

When will Horizon Call of the Mountain be released?

Horizon Call of the Mountain doesn't have a release date yet, but it's almost certainly going to be released alongside the PSVR2 and sold together as a bundle. This is the game they're going to be showing off the new tech with, and it's not being released on the first gen of PlayStation's VR, so yeah - the release of PSVR2 will be one and the same as the Horizon Call of the Mountain release date.