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Hitman Gets Ray Tracing on Xbox Series X & S

Hitman3 Graphics

Bald in style. Bald in 4k. Bald with Ray Tracing: Hitman 3. (Credit: IO Interactive)

Hitman 3 is out and it's an experience to kill for. Heh. Agent 47 already looks good as is and nobody flexes a barcode like his shiny dome does. Still, the sleek hitman will get even sleeker: How does Ray Tracing on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S sound? Good? Great, because that's exactly what we're getting.

It's nothing new that games get updates way after their release. Who really expects a game to be fully polished and finished on release anymore anyway? Not CDPR, we can tell you that.

Sorry, we had to...

Anyway, IO Interactive chief technology officer (cool title, bro) Maurizio de Pascale confirmed that the Xbox Series X and S will get an optimized Hitman 3 experience. Don't just take our word for it though, here's the actual quote he offered

"We see Hitman as a 'live game' and our launch date on January 20 is just the beginning of a journey, in which we're going to keep working on the game and adding new features. It's great that the GPU in the Series X|S has hardware support for ray tracing. We've already started working on RT technology for the renderer in our Glacier engine, and once that's deemed ready for prime time, we'll definitely bring it to the Series X|S hardware."
Hitman Gif

You see those Rays tracing off his... ah, nevermind. Looks cool. (Credit: IO Interactive)

It should be noted that Hitman 3 does not have Ray Tracing on any system yet. As of now, the graphics update is firmly scheduled for Xbox Series X|S and planned for the PC, but there is no word on the PS5 version yet.

Hitman 3 NPCs will receive upgrades

If you're anything like us, you're not exactly loving the AI in Hitman 3. Granted, NPCs are not exactly "Huh, must've been the wind"-levels of stupid, but they're not exactly brain surgeons either. Naturally, since they merely exist to get their brains blown out by Agent 47, but... that might change: De Pascale (remember: the cool chief technology officer), also mentioned that NPCs will get updated frequently.

Better graphics and better NPCs for our favorite bald-headed hitman? For free? Even on the Xbox Series S? Sign us up. We're here for it.


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Nobody survives Agent 47 but everybody can survive these... ah, what is it with the lame phrases today... sorry, guys. Just watch.

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