PS5 Coming Soon to Sony Rewards

Do You Have Sony Reward Points? Then You Can Earn a PlayStation 5!

Play Station Store Front

Sony Rewards will soon offer a small supply of PlayStation 5s. (Credit: Sony)

If you are still looking for a PlayStation 5 and have some Sony Reward points saved up, then you may be one of the lucky buyers in this limited release. Sony Rewards announced on Twitter that the PS5 consoles will be available soon and here’s everything we know about it.

First up you may be asking what is Sony Rewards? Quite simply, it's points earned through purchasing things on the PlayStation Store or Sony products. Sony describes it like this:

“Sony Rewards brings you closer to the cutting edge of entertainment, feeding everything you crave from hit movies, top games and music, and the latest in tech. You can earn points for doing the things you already do, like going to the movies or purchasing from the PlayStation™ Store. Then, redeem points for once-in-a-lifetime experiences, cool merchandise and more. Plus, you’ll always have access to exclusive sales, including Insider Specials, Deal of the Day and Deal of the Week.”

Sony Rewards tweeted that the PS5 will be available, but stressed its limited quantity.

You can sign up for the PlayStation Store for free, but it is unclear how many Sony Reward Points you will need to buy the PlayStation 5. A game typically costs around 6,000+ Sony Reward Points putting their value at $60. If it's the retail cost of a PS5, then this is a shit tone of points, over 35k. But no one knows the exact Sony Reward point value of a PS5 is just a simple calculation.

You earn points in several ways:

  • Use your Sony Visa credit card to make purchases
  • Use your PlayStation Visa credit card to make purchases
  • Registering select DVDs and Blu-ray discs via the Sony Rewards app by entering the unique code from your package insert.
  • Uploading movie ticket stubs via the Sony Rewards app from select movies you watched in the theater.
  • Purchasing games on the PlayStation Store (You must link your PlayStation and Sony Rewards account)

If you do not have a lot of points already saved up, it may be hard to get enough points in time as the tweet suggested the PS5 console will be available soon. You can check out more info on Sony Rewards via their FAQ and how the reward system works.

Keep refreshing the Sony Rewards site and Twitter if you have enough points saved up! The PS5 should be available on the 15th but no exact time is known.

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