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Halo & Battlefield Devs Are Working on New Shooter Together


Halo devs and Battlefield devs getting together to work on a brand-new shooter? Yup... that doesn't need me to hype it up anymore. This article hypes itself.

Seriously, this is an all-star dev team. Unless there are some CDPR money-men involved, I don't see how this could go wrong: Halo devs and Battlefield devs opened up TiMi Seattle and are working on a new shooter.

What We Know About the New Shooter Game

We don't know all that much. The juiciest bit you already saw in the headline: Halo and Battlefield devs are working together. Hype. The studio they formed is owned by Tencent, who you might know for owning Riot Games or for... you know... being the biggest studio in the world.

Other than that we know that 25 people are working on this with gaming development experience that is absolutely priceless. Beyond Halo 4 and Battlefield 4 and 5, one of the devs (Zagoracheva) also worked on Star Wars: Battlefront – in case two top-tier shooters aren't enough experience for you.

With a AAA-budget and that amount of shooter experience coming together, little can go wrong. Here's what Zagoracheva had to say about the new game:

What attracted me was the new IP and the triple-A scale. That’s a rare opportunity in the industry. And possibly what I’m even more excited about is this chance to do everything right, to create a studio to create a culture, to form a team with no baggage – a clean slate to create something amazing.

Sounds good? Because it does to us. Unfortunately, that's all we have on the game as of now, but trust: This is gonna make waves once more announcements start rolling in, and you'll be reading all about it right here.

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