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Gundam Overwatch?

You Have to See & Play This Overwatch Clone

Gundam: Evolution Overwatch similarities
Take a bit of Mobile Suit Gundam and add Overwatch gameplay and you have Gundam: Evolution. | © Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway

Gundam Evolution is an upcoming 6v6 shooter that looks an awful lot like Overwatch. That's not a bad thing because Bandai Namco's mecha shooter actually looks slick.

The world of Mobile Suit Gundam is a big deal in Japan – a very big deal. Now, Gundam: Evolution got revealed by developer Bandai Namco and the game is very reminiscent of Overwatch. If you don't want to take my word for it, then just have a look at the trailer below. From the gameplay, to the style and even the game's esports aspirations... Bandai Namco definitely took some inspiration from Blizzard's team-shooter. Who can blame them, though? Overwatch was one of the biggest titles of the decade.

Gundam: Evolution Looks Like Overwatch

If this has got you interested, and you're a console player, then... unlucky. Gundam: Evolution will be released on the PC only. PC players can be psyched, though, because the game will actually be free to play, and the beta phase will begin in August 2021. Unfortunately, the beta seems to be for Japanese players only. Sorry Europeans and North Americans... at least we have Overwatch...

If you're reading this, you probably don't mind some Overwatch news: 

Still, if the game is a success, then we can easily see it coming over to the West. As for gameplay, Gundam: Evolution is a 6v6 shooter that's all about capturing points by using your mech's special abilities and ultimates. As I said previously: It's basically Gundam: Overwatch. From the UI to the hero-shooter formula and the game modes... the similarities are endless: 

You will duke it out in the game modes Point Capture, Domination and Destruction. The first of the three modes is self explanatory – you fight for control over spots on the map. In Domination, you try to capture one of three capture points. Destruction is all about destroying an objective, much like the name suggests.

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