This Is the Dumbest Thing Xbox Ever Did

Not sure what to spend your money on? Microsoft and Gucci have an idea. GG guys, GG.
Gucci Xbox Price Reaction
Typical gaming afternoon. | © Gucci, Microsoft

What the actual f***? A Gucci Xbox that costs 10k and looks like what you see above. You see the trademark Gucci pattern. You see the red and blue. You also see the green Xbox font slapped on top, and you can't help but thinking: What the actual f***. How does this happen? Did some designer think: "Well, this green goes well with these colors?" No, of course not. What they did think was, "f*ck it, we're Gucci, and idiots are going to buy this anyway." It's the epitome of this dumb fashion trend of creating something that's so obviously wrong-looking, that dumbasses with too much money are going to lap it up, because... well because why? Here's why:

Because we've turned into a society with too much money. Start: Rant.

This $10k Xbox case with certifiably, objectively bad design is just one example. NFTs are another. So are Pokémon cards. So are collector's editions. So are microtransactions. We, the Western world, have become so affluent, that we literally don't know what to spend money on, so we create value and attach it to brands, items, or digital creations. Our basic needs of food, shelter and safety are so spectacularly met, that money-making has become a pastime that is seemingly only limited by how willing you are to dedicate yourself to it. Thus, we now have more millionaires than ever before and a first-world that literally does not know what to spend its money on.

Enter the Gucci Xbox.

Because if you're tired of buying memes, limited gaming merch, investing in the stonx market or Charizard, then... why not waste money on something a designer spent a split-second on and got paid several tens of thousands for.

That, or you can spend money on worthwhile donations, like preventing child abuse, or finding cures for cancer.

Your choice.