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Now that's a remaster!

GTA V Becomes Photorealistic Thanks to AI

GTA V Becomes Photorealistic Thanks to Intel
Is this GTA V's final form? (Credit: Intel ISL)

Intel Labs have developed an AI that makes GTA V looks almost indistinguishable from the real world. Thanks to a photorealism tool Rockstar's game truly comes to life!

GTA V came out all the way back in 2013, yep it's that old. Surprisingly, the game's graphics have been holding well over the years and still look decent in the current year. Add to that the numerous mods developed by fans and you'll get an even flashier experience. Now a new challenger approaches and it's Intel Labs. GTA V was well-known for giving us a realistic take of the big city Los Santos that really felt alive. Thanks to machine learning there's almost no difference when compared to real life.

GTA V More real than ever 

Usually, we like to think that the more realistic a game is the better but in my humble opinion, there's a fine line between gaming and real life. At least there was one until now. Intel ISL specializes in AI research and their latest brainchild is the Photorealism Enhancement project. The tool makes GTA V a bit too realistic. It's like looking at Street View pictures in Google Maps.

How does it work?

For the full explanation you can check out the video above but to sum it up, the AI takes a look at images from the game, then compares them to real-world photos, and enhances them accordingly. Simple right? The big breakthrough of the AI here is that the images are "temporarily stable". It's a term mentioned in the video that makes the images look just as good when moving, something that couldn't be said for other methods such as CUT, TSIT, and WCT 2.

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This technology is still experimental and it's not clear whether it'll be used in the development of games but the future sure looks real. Do you think games should be photorealistic or should they stick with their own style? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!

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