GTA Remaster Leak: Graphics & Animations Will Suck, No New Content

According to a leak, the GTA Trilogy Remaster will be very faithful to the originals, so we shouldn't expect great graphics or other visual overhauls.

So, an insider on Reddit claims to have the scoop on the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition. In a lengthy post on Reddit, he summed up, what many of us were worried about:

Will the GTA Trilogy Remaster Have Better Graphics?

No. The GTA Trilogy remaster will feature mostly unchanged graphics, and unchanged animations.

Yes, you read that right. Now read it again, and weep. Is this a surprise, though? No. Does it still hurt? Yes. But, let me get more detailed, to really drive the pain home, because u/GtaCheaterMan goes into great detail on what to expect and what not to expect from the upcoming GTA Trilogy Remaster:

  • Games will look mostly the same as versions from 2000s
  • Textures were upscaled
  • Faces were updated to look less triangular
  • Lighting is changed to dynamic lighting
  • Gameplay animations are identical
  • Animations in cutscenes were updated – characters now have fingers and better facial animations, which apparently don't fit the otherwise outdated low poly models
  • Car damage changed to dynamic, rather than set damage models
  • The cities look exactly the same, except for better lighting
  • There will be no new content, except for a GTA III cheat that adds snow

According to the user, the only reason for the Unreal Engine 4 port, was practicality: Newer systems simply struggle with the outdated engine that the original GTA trilogy was on.

The user also goes on to claim that the studio behind the remaster, Dundee, has already finished with the GTA Definitive Edition: The game's gone gold and the studio is already working on the mobile port, which is set to be released in Q2 2022.

Read 'em and weep? Or is it just me? I gotta say: If this turns out to be true, I would be hugely disappointed, since I was really looking forward to revisiting the old games. I was about 10 years old, when GTA III first released, and a 4K nostalgia trip would've been great. As it stands, this news, coupled with the expensive price tag, is not making me more excited about the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition...

Of course, this is still a mere leak, and despite the great detail and confidence, there's still hope that the remaster is more than it is made out to be here.

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