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Please let it look like this!

This Is What the GTA 5 Remake Might Look Like – Insane Graphics!

GTA 5 Remake Graphics PS5 Xbox Series X
This is the GTA 5 remake we need, but is it the GTA 5 remake we deserve? (Credit: Nbarchi3D)

A GTA 5 remaster in the works at NB.Design gives us a glimpse at what a next-gen version of GTA 5 could look like. Will the PS5 & Xbox Series X version look this good though? We doubt it... or do we?

First of all, if you're not up to speed on all things GTA 5, allow us to change that:

Likewise, if you're as thirsty for GTA VI as we are, you can catch up on all the GTA 6 stuff we know right here:

What Will GTA 5 Graphics on PS5 Look Like?

We don't know. Your guess is as good as ours at this point, but we're hoping that this video is an indication:

I mean come on! Are you kidding? That looks absolutely, certifiably insane. Of course, this is a PC mod, but it sets the bar way the F high. The mod creator says the mod is "not just a graphics mod, it's more than that". Now faithful EarlyGame readers might notice that this is almost the exact thing Rockstar said about the actual GTA 5 remaster for PS5 and Xbox Series X:

GTA 5 Remake Graphics PS5 Xbox Series X
Pick your jaw off the floor... it's unsightly. (Credit: Nbarchi3D)

For now, this project is the only one that will have GTA looking this good. If you haven't watched the trailer above, or can't, let us tell you: It truly is more than just a graphics mod. The NB.Design team has replaced whole landmarks, planted trees, added houses, foliage, traffic density... the whole nine. This is more than we ever expected from any remaster ever.

If the GTA 5 remaster for PS5 and Xbox Series X even looks half as good, we got a winner on our hands, folks. Here's hoping...

GTA 5 Remake Graphics PS5 Xbox Series X
Considering the original GTA 5 is closing in on being a decade old, it still holds up well... no lies. (Credit: Nbarchi3D)

If you want to support NB.Design and their remaster, you can do so on their Patreon. If you wanna actually play their masterpiece, you better skip the Patreon and save that money for your next PC. Trust us: Most you ain't ready for that jelly.

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