Only One Rockstar Game Will Release On Next-Gen Consoles

According to a leak, only one Rockstar game will see the light of day during the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S era. Which one will it be, though?
GTA 6 Only Rockstar Game On Next-Gen
Which one will it be, though? | © Rockstar Games

Insider claims this, insider claims that. When it comes to Rockstar Games, that's all you seem to hear these days. But what can we do when Rockstar gives us not even breadcrumbs? When the only thing we got from them was a bad GTA trilogy remake that they ended up apologizing for? Report on the leaks, of course! And that's what this is about... again.

According to an insider, only one Rockstar Game will release on next-gen consoles and that is...

GTA 6 Leaked To Be Only Rockstar Game On Next-Gen Consoles

Could this be possible? Absolutely. As much as we'd like to say it's Red Dead Redemption 3, it's 99% not that one. We have no idea when it'll release or if it'll even release. A Red Dead Redemption 2 remaster for the PS5 is supposed to be announced this year, but an announcement is far from a release.

Then there's still the GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption remasters that were supposed to come out sometime as well... at least according to leaks.

The only thing we can all safely agree on (or not, because again, Rockstar is giving us nothing) is that GTA VI is coming. When? Well, there's a lot of debate on that.

Anyway, back to the leak, because that's what you came here for. According to AccNgt, who we've recently gotten another huge leak from in regard to the Red Dead Redemption franchise, GTA 6 will be the only game that will release on next-gen.

As always, pinches of salt, my friends. Maybe even a bucket of it. BUT what we would like to mention is that back on the PS4, the only "fully new" game that Rockstar released was Red Dead Redemption 2. It does make sense then that we'd only get one for the next-gen consoles as well, and it would make sense for it to be GTA 6. Or perhaps Rockstar is just fooling all of us, and we'll get Bully 2 after all.

Honestly, at this point, we know nothing... Jon Snow (I'm so sorry.)