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Finally some more GTA 6 Leaks

GTA 6 Leaks: Job Listing Reveals Rockstar's Plans

GTA 6 Job Listing Leak Reveals GTA 6 marketing gta online reveal
Just saying... we've been waiting on GTA 6 for a long minute Rockstar. Give us something. | © Rockstar, Nicholas Sea

GTA 6 Leaks incoming, everybody: A new Rockstar job listing reveals some plans regarding the upcoming GTA VI reveal. We summarized the leaks for you here.

GTA 6 is one of our favorite topics, because... duh... it's GTA 6. We recently reported on the way GTA 6 might be revealed, and it seems we might've been right:

GTA 6 Live Event Plans Leaked in Job Listing

Of course, this leak comes via a job listing. Originally though, it was courtesy of Reddit (thanks, u/worldlovespain) and it suggests that GTA 6 will be revealed in GTA Online:

Rockstar looking for Live Events Coordinator: does that mean that this leak about GTA6 being announced on live events is true? from GTA6

Now, a job listing from Rockstar seems to confirm that GTA 6 will be revealed in a GTA Online Live Event. The job listing asks for someone that "[executes] all in-game marketing campaigns for Read Dead Online and Grand Theft Auto Online."

The Reddit leak we mentioned along with this job posting fits together as nicely as the metaphor that I can't think of right now. Point is: This is as legit of a leak as you can get. If you want to read the full job posting (or maybe even apply, in which case, please become our snitch), you can do that here:

If you're anything like us, you can't get enough of GTA 6, so you'll most definitely wanna catch up on our entire coverage on the game:

Anyway, revealing your next game in the online portion of your older game would be a play straight out of Fortnite's and Warzone's playbook, and we can so see that happening. Only problem is that GTA Online is kind of trash.

There, I said it.

I know we're all thinking it.

... and I know we're all still playing GTA Online anyway because... duh... it's GTA.

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