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Can You Beat GTA 5 Without Taking Any Damage? This Guy Did

GTA V No Damage Playthrough
Imagine not taking damage in Grand Theft Auto. (Credit: Rockstar Games)

Some men just want to watch the world burn. One does not simply play GTA without taking damage. If you play it that way, you're going to have a bad time. Alright, enough meme attempts. A YouTuber going by the alias UnNameD beat GTA V without taking a single point of damage.

Who needs scientific and medical advancement? It's achievements like this that need to be praised by the public. GTA V player UnNameD attempted to beat it a million times without losing any health, and he finally succeeded.

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Perfect GTA V Playthrough? Piece of Cake

We doubt many people's first thought when they see any Grand Theft Auto game is "Hey, I should avoid taking damage in this game, that ought to be fun!", but we know that there's at least one such person. YouTuber UnNameD took the challenge to heart, and after 48 tries, he got managed to beat GTA V without taking a single point of damage.

To make everything as clean as can be, the player used a One Hit Knock Out mod where you start with 1 HP. As he describes it himself: "No Trevor ability. No armors. 0 deaths." Joking language aside, this is indeed one incredible feat of gaming. We're pretty sure it will be a while before anyone other than UnNameD manages to beat GTA 5 whilst taking no damage whatsoever! People will certainly try, though...

The entire playthrough took about nine hours. If you want to see history being created, you can start with the first of three parts by watching the video below.

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