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God of War Ragnarok's Fat Thor is The REAL Thor btw


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God of War Ragnarok caused a real stir when they revealed fat Thor. Yes, the antagonist in God of War 5 is Thor – or at least he is one of the antagonists – and he is blatantly overweight. This surprised many that were naturally expecting the typical blonde and blue-eyed Thor with a six-pack. God of War Ragnarok took a different approach and decided to depict a historically accurate Thor. You see, in Norse Mythology, Thor is actually red-haired and overweight, since he is a heavy beer-drinker and a glutton. The actual real Thor from Norse Mythology couldn't be further from the Chris Hemsworth Thor we know from the MCU. Interestingly, many people also got upset that other people were upset about Fat Thor. People were quick to call it fat-shaming, and a whole discussion around body positivity ensued. Well, we, for one, really do love Ryan Hurst's Thor, and we appreciate the historical, or rather mythological, accuracy of a fat Thor. Still, the backlash waves hitting the internet are a bit extreme and very reminiscent of the Fat Thor from Endgame backlash.

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