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Adam Savage made a God of War Weapon

This Kratos Axe From God of War Is Savage and Gets the Mythbusters Treatment!

Kratos God of War
Adam Savage Reproduces the Magical Axe from God of War. (Credit: Sony Interactive)

Mythbusters star Adam Savage actually made Kratos' Axe from God of War to mercilessly slay his enemies in battle. Well not exactly, he made a replica of the axe, The Leviathan, as a gift.

Adam Savage recreated the axe from the game, God of War (PS4) in a recent video on his YouTube channel. Since it was a gift for his teenage nephew, he decided to make the handle out of wood but the blade out of foam and plastic. Safety first kids!

The finished result is epic, and the scale of the axe is spot on!

Kratos Axe God of War
It only took the master craftsman 5 hours to complete the project. (Credit: Adam Savage's Tested)

Mythbuster Adam Savage Makes His Own God of War Kratos Axe Replica

In the video, Adam Savage takes us through the entire build process and even describes the different techniques used in constructing the Replica of Kratos' axe. The video’s run time is pretty long, so we suggest you fast forward to the end to see the finished product unless these kinds of videos are your thing.

Well, it would have been more badass if the blade was made from actual steel, Adam Savage explains the axe is perfect for cosplay or as a movie prop. Sadly, it is likely these will not be for sale! Big-sad for God of War Fans.

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