Glitches & Bugs: GTA Remastered Is Ridiculous

Rockstar Games has to deal with heavy criticism after the release of GTA: The Trilogy Definitive Edition. The fans want their money back.
GTA The Trilogy Remaster Definitive Edition Release Problems Bugs Launcher
I have a bad feeling about this. | © Rockstar Games

The developers from Rockstar Games probably wished for a better release. Or for a more successful releases. Or for a bug-free game. Far too many problems make it impossible to even start the game, the majority of the community is demanding a refund of the money that was obviously a pure waste.

Imagine you've been waiting for GTA 6 for ages, but instead another next-gen upgrade for GTA 5 gets announced and then they release a remaster of the GTA trilogy. "Hey, the remaster doesn't sound too bad!" You're right... If you want to be screwed over for like 60 USD, it really doesn't sound that bad.

Launch With Problems – Rockstar Stops Selling GTA Trilogy

If you bought the game on PC, you won't have seen that much of the game itself. Due to some issues with the Rockstar Games Launcher, PC gamers could not even start the game. This is due to problems with the authentification on the one hand, but also to "unintentionally inserted files" on the other. Another cheap excuse from a publisher.

It looks different on the console. And by different I certainly don't mean better. Console gamers are obviously completely unsatisfied with the state in which the game was released. The first comparisons with Cyberbug... sorry, Cyberpunk 2077 are already being made. Back then, CD Projekt Red received just as heavy criticism for the scandalous game release.

Rockstar Games has already taken the first few steps. It is currently no longer possible to purchase Grand Theaft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition on PC. For some time the entire Rockstar Games Launcher was down. Even if the launcher has been brought back online, the GTA Remaster is not available in the store. If you've already bought the series, it may simply not appear in your library. GG to Rockstar Games. Why solve problems when you can just delete everything? And make a lot of money at the same time. Nice.

Grove Street Games, the studio behind GTA Ports, has already assured the community that the fixes won't be long in coming. The reaction of the fans is justified. In the last few years in particular, it has become more and more common for publishers to release unfinished games and screw us over. Make a statement. Or as Shia LaBeouf and Senator Palpatine would say: Do it!