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The Ghost returns to Ikishima

Leak: Ghost Of Tsushima Sequel Is Coming This Year!

Ghost of Ikishima Ghost of Tsushima Sequel
Lowkey doesn't matter if the protagonist is Jin or not... Ghost is Ghost. | © Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima was my personal game of the year in 2020, and now it's getting a sequel or mini-sequel or DLC... we don't know, but we'll figure out the details on Ghost of Ikishima below.

Ghost of Tsushima was the samurai game we all always wanted: Batman Begins meets Breath of the Wild. Now The Ghost returns – just like Batman – and he's also coming to PC, in case you didn't know:

Ghost of Tsushima Sequel: Ghost of Ikishima – What We Know

Ghost of Ikishima Leak

The leak comes to us courtesy of Xboxera co-founder Shpeshal_Nick. This Nick is so shpeshal that just about every single one of his leaks is right, and... there've been a lot. Seriously, someone needs to think about giving this dude confidential information. According to Special Nicky this is the deal:

Ghost of Ikishima Release Date

It's really all in the tweet above, but let's milk this thing: The release date for Ghost of Ikishima is set for 2021. With about half a year to go, that's not too far away. As for the nature of the game, it is apparently more of Miles-Morales-Lost-Legacy-Super-DLC-Standalone-Expansion kinda deal. You get me? Expect it for PS4 and PS5.

Ghost of Ikishima: Setting

Drumroll, please: The game is set in Ikishima. Now, if you Google-Map search Ikishima, you get a liquor store. Though that'd be kinda sick, that's not the setting. If you dig a little deeper into your Google-toolbox you'll find the island of Iki, which is between the mainland of Japan and the island of Tsushima. Iki island is about a third or a quarter of the size of Tsushima, so you can expect the sequel/DLC/standalone to be a third or a quarter of the size of Ghost of Tsushima... 

...quick maths.

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