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Digital Sales of Games Skyrocket!

Game Sales in January Reach $11 Billion! A New Record?

Video Game Sales
Digital game sales are booming. (Source: Epic Games)

The video game market is booming as game sales pop off! There's no end in sight for this hype train! According to a video, game sales have earned over $11.6 billion in the digital market alone. We look at the important information from a recent market survey, so come join us, stay awhile and listen!

Digital video game sales are among one of the top-grossing industries, so much so, that new consoles like the PS5 come with a digital-only version. Now, a study by SuperData Research has revealed that the digital gaming market has taken in a total of $11.6 billion. It's an incredible figure, and it is no wonder that big companies like Amazon are trying to get a piece of the gaming cake (or pie, whatever you prefer to call it).

SuperData Research describes the steady growth of the games industry in the digital market space and game sales growth:

Global digital game revenues grew 15% year over year to reach $11.6 billion in January 2021, with year-over-year revenue growth across all device types. Mobile revenue increased 6%. Over the same period, PC revenue increased 31% and console revenue increased 24%. While January marks another month of revenue growth over 10%, it's one of the last months where year-over-year comparisons on game revenues are available before COVID-19.

So which games are the most successful? There are of course some old familiars on this list, however, some entries are also surprising, at least for people who are not exactly industry experts. Since we're all gamers here, I bet we can guess what games you'll see on this list...but think again my gaming friend!

Sales List jan 2021
A list of Top Selling Games in Jan. 2021 (Credit: SuperData Research)

Let's face it...what the heck is Dungeon Fighter Online? Most gamers have probably never heard of it before, but it seems to have earned a lot of money nonetheless. In January, DFO out-earned world-renowned titans like League of Legends or World of Warcraft. If you are wondering, DFO is a game from Korea and is expertly monetized. In general, Korean developers and publishing houses are particularly good at making money off their customers with all kinds of pay-to-win services. If you have ever played Black Desert Online, you will have an idea of what kind of monetization is being deployed.

If you want more information on this topic, we recommend the article from SuperData Research.

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