Lot's to unwrap with the Game Awards tonight, and you know who to call!

The Game Awards LIVESTREAM: We're Going Live!

Game Awards 2020 Media Pack 1

We will be streaming The Game Awards 2020 Celebration LIVE tonight at 12:00AM CEST / 15:00 PT / 18:00 ET (Credit: The Game Awards)

Tonight, we will be going live with The Game Awards, here to provide you with insights, real-time reactions, and some laughs. It's going to be a whole lot of fun, whether this year's game awards turn out to be a bit of a cringefest, or a great celebration of gaming (it can be a bit of a dice-roll)! The Game Awards will of course be hosted by Geoff Keighley, and has some exciting guest appearances this year!

  • We will be going live at 00:30 CEST and 3:30 PM PT on our YouTube and Facebook channels! More details are below.

The Game Awards is kind of like an Oscar's for Video Games, or at least that is Geoff Keighley's dream. It is always an exciting event, often filled with live performances and a multitude of awards voted on by gamers right across the world. In our opinion, after all the isolation of 2020, a global celebration of all things gaming - spanning from London to New York to Tokyo - is something to celebrate!

Check out The Game Award's 2020 Nominee Announcement! (Source: thegameawards via YouTube)

As with every year, The Game Awards is going to be featuring not only cool games, exciting announcements, and boring speeches, but also some pretty cool talent. This year we will have the pleasure of seeing a performance from Eddie Vedder. YEAH, YOU HEARD IT RIGHT! F**king Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam - you might have guessed, but we're pretty psyched! What's also cool, is that Captain Marvel... sorry, Brie Larson will be presenting live on the night. You really shouldn't miss this event!

But what we are all most excited about is that The Game Awards will be revealing more than a dozen new games this year!!! It'll be pretty entertaining watching us nerd out as new titles are revealed, and we FREAK OUT over Dragon Age, we just hope no one will fall off their seat... To keep us safe, in case we are all dying of excitement, perhaps you better watch our livestream! You know, for safety's sake...

Live Stream Details

So, we'll cut to the chase: The Game Awards begin at 00:30 CEST (December 11), 11:30 PM in the UK, 6:30 PM ET, 3:30 PM PT and for our mates down under, 11 AM AEDT (December 11). We will be starting our pre-show on YouTube 30 minutes prior to the game's start! You will also be able to catch our stream through Facebook, if you so desire.

More details are coming SUPER soon, so STAY TUNED to EarlyGame, and get excited for The Game Awards tonight!


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