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Will Ubisoft lose some fans?

Ubisoft Confirms: Assassin's Creed Games Will Never Be Stealth Again

Future AC Games Will Be Less About Stealth
What does the future of AC hold? (Credit: Sijo Varghese)

Assassin's Creed has been around for over a decade and it doesn't look like the franchise will be going anywhere. Over the past few years the game's mechanics have changed quite a lot and not all the fans are pleased.

It might not be the exact headline-quote, but after a recent earnings call with investors, Ubisoft revealed that the direction of future Assassin's Creed games will be changing. What does that even mean? The company plans to double down on the RPG structure of the last three entries in the franchise - OriginsOdyssey and Valhalla. Bye-bye stealth.

The Old Games vs. the New Ones

What's so different between the last three titles in the Assassin's Creed franchise and all the others? Two things: Stealth and RPG elements. While the old games focused primarily on stealth and offered a linear experience, the last three fall into the RPG category with an open world. I can't help but think that The Witcher 3 is to blame for the change of direction. CDPR's best-seller exceeded expectations, and it only made sense that another major studio will try to recreate it - in this case Ubisoft. Valhalla is a great example of an open world that's full of adventures and stories you can explore. The game was also compared a lot to the Witcher 3.

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This change of direction from stealth to RPG has fans split into two groups. If you liked the stealth part of Assassin's Creed you might be let down by future releases. On the bright side, if you enjoy open-world RPG adventures then you're in for a ride. 

Why the Sudden Change?

You'd think there's a good reason behind such a decision and there is. According to Ubisoft, the market speaks for itself and the recent entries sold more copies, naturally, this meant that RPG is better than stealth. Right? Ubisoft could be wrong here as there are many other factors that come into play. Only time will tell whether the RPG innovations in Assassin's Creed will pay out or cost dearly. 

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