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Dark Souls Devs Are Working on an Exclusive Xbox Series X Game!

FromSoftware Exclusive Xbox
Quality has a name: FromSoftware. (Credit: Santeon via DeviantArt)

FromSoftware, the developers behind Dark Souls, Sekiro and Bloodborne, is working on an exclusive game for the Xbox Series X. No, it's not Elden Ring. Apparently, the game is a brand-new IP. Let's dig in:

Microsoft is on one with exclusive rights these days. We all know they bought Bethesda (which was officially finalized today, btw) and now they're getting an exclusive from FromSoftware. If that doesn't mean anything, then gtfo. Actually, don't... we need the visitors: FromSoftware made Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro and are now working on Elden Ring. To snatch a developer of that magnitude up for an exclusive... big time sh*t. Let's look at what we know.

FromSoftware Exclusive Xbox

What Exclusive Game Will FromSoftware Develop for the Xbox?

Apparently, the game will be a sci-fi RPG that is developed by FromSoftware and published by Microsoft. That means you can bank your house that the game will remain a Microsoft exclusive forever and that it will not just be a temporary thing. 


FromSoftware Exclusive Xbox
A sci-fi game from FromSoftware... we can't be the only ones thinking of The Surge 2, right? (Credit: The Surge 2)

We know all of this thanks to Miles Dompier from Windows Central. He's basing this on rumors from his sources. Still, Windows Central is not known to spread rumors without substance, so... feel free to get excited.

Oh... by the by: PC Gamers are also getting Bloodborne soon, so that's another FromSoftware gem to look forward to.

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