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Free PS Plus February Games: Concrete Genie, Control Ultimate Edition & Destruction All Stars


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Sony announced the free PS Plus Games for February 2021 and PS Plus subscribers really have something special to look forward to this month. We are getting Control: Ultimate Edition, Concrete Genie and Destruction AllStars. Destruction All Stars will only release for the PlayStation5, the other games are available for PS4 and PS5. All the games will release for free on PS Plus on February 2 and will be available until March 1. The exception is Destruction AllStars, which will be available until April 5.

This is a super strong line-up and really worth the PS Plus subscription, but let’s look at each game individually:


Control was one of the strongest games of 2019 and included in many GOTY lists. Control had really great reviews, that all highlighted the game’s fantastic gameplay. In some cases, Control even won Game of the Year, and it’s no surprise why. The game was made by Remedy Entertainment, the same company that developed Max Payne and Alan Wake. They brought all this expertise to Control on the PlayStation 4, and now you can play this modern classic for free on your PS4 and your PS5. Even better is the fact that we are getting the Control: Ultimate Edition, which The Foundation and the AWE expansions. With the PS5 upgrade Control will get to its graphics thanks to game boost, this is truly a steal.

Concrete Genie

Concrete Genie is a bit tough to describe: It’s a very creative and very colorful game that’s intended for all ages. You control a boy with a magic paintbrush that paints genies within the game environment. Said paintings then come to life to aid you on your adventure. When the game was originally released, it got a lot of really good reviews. Maybe it’s not a game that is suited for everyone, but it’s definitely a game that will be quite special to some people. Also, it’s great to have such a nice family game in the mix. Concrete Genie scored really well on most reviews and the gameplay is quite fluid and unique. Particularly of note is that the Concrete Genie PS VR Modes are also included in this PS Plus offer for February.

Destruction AllStars

This game seems to be Sony’s new multiplayer hope. While all other games are available from February 2 until March 1, this game will be available from February 2 until April 5 for all PS Plus subscribers. Destruction All Stars is a PS5 exclusives and definitely looks like it aims to conquer the PVP multiplayer scene. Now that the game is just days away, we also finally got to see some Destruction AllStars gameplay. As the name suggests, the game is entirely centered around destruction: You try to destroy other cars in order to get points on the board. While doing that, you control one of 16 heroes in one of three car types: Fast, agile and heavy. The heroes have offensive and defensive abilities and can also be controlled outside the cars. In fact, the game seems to be balanced around both the experience inside the car and the experience outside of the vehicle.
Destruction AllStars looks super interesting, and it might just become the next breakout hit for Sony.

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