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The Last streamer standing!

First-Ever Valheim Tournament Hosted by OTK!

Valheim Tournament OTK
Valheim Tournament by OTK (Credit: Iron Gate AB)

Valheim has an insane 5 million players to date, so it's no surprise that the streamer made org One True King(OTK), plans to host a Valheim tournament. The tournament will be Hunger Games Style! We have all details for your viewing pleasure.

OTK plans to host the first-ever Valheim tournament in this last-man-standing winner take all event. Last Man Standing: Valheim Edition will take place on March 10 at 5 PM EST. The tournament will be an 8 person free-for-all with only one streamer left standing at the end. It appears that only streamers can apply for a slot in this one-time Valheim event.

So basically, it's a battle royale, you know like Fortnite! Okay, I said it here first: Valheim is Fortnite but with Vikings!

Watch our for the....tree. (Credit: Iron Gate AB)

Currently, the participants for the Valheim tournament are being handpicked by the @OTKnetwork. The exact format of the tournament is unclear at the moment so it might just be an FFA with no rules.

How exactly the tournament will be commentated, observed, and then streamed on Twitch is another issue altogether. As of yet, Valheim does not have any kind of observer mode implemented in the game.

At the moment, Valheim servers are limited to 10 players and are not exactly the most stable. Disconnects can be very common while playing a on hosted server, but also reconnecting to a server is relativity fast. We hope this first-ever Valheim tournament is not a total lagfest and unwatchable because this tournament sounds hype AF.

Valheim Tournament
The Valheim hype is real! (Credit: Iron Gate AB)

Where Can I Watch the OTK Valheim Tournament?

Quick Answer:

The tournament will be broadcast live on Rich Campbell’s Twitch stream. Maybe you know Rich from the epic Omega League Dota2 Tournament broadcast? The one where the casting team went full Greek god and wore actual togas while actually commentating matches. Rich was a part of that team, and of course, managed to stir up some controversy with his presence alone. Rich will be joined by Asmongold the legendary WoW streamer, which should make for quite a good show. So tune in for some great Viking on Viking action!

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