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You can donate to the Indian army with in-game purchases

FAU-G Launch Day Info: First Storyline & Plans of a Battle Royale

FAU-G Launched Today
FAU-G launches on the Indian national holiday. (Credit: nCore games)

The most anticipated game in Indian video gaming history launches today, January 26, 2021. See what you can expect from FAU-G at release, including details of the first storyline and developers nCore's plans of a Battle Royale mode.

When FAU-G was announced to the Indian public, gamers from all over the country made sure that local pre-order records are broken. The big day has arrived and we can now take a look at what content expects us at launch and in the future.

FAU-G Launch

First things first. The launch. As of today, which just happens to be the Indian national holiday, Android 8 and above users can join the free-to-play experience of FAU-G. Those running iOS don't have much to look forward to as the outlooks are that if the game ever comes to their devices, it won't be in the next few months.

Initial FAU-G Storyline

The first storyline of the single-player shooter will take players to the Galwan Valley. FAU-G aims at placing the players in an Indian soldier's boots and have chosen the disputed Galwan Valley region as the first battlefield setting. Skirmishes between India and China at the Galwan Valley that left many dead soldiers behind were reported as recently as last summer.

Developers plan on recreating more key Indian points of military conduct, including some historical places and events such as the war against Pakistan from 1971.

Multiplayer and Battle Royale

The nCore Games staff is focused on a good launch for now, but does not exclude the possibility of integrating multiplayer and even a Battle Royale mode into FAU-G. With millions of players expected to hop on in the first few days, their caution is most definitely vindicated.

Army Donations

While FAU-G is free-to-play, there are cosmetic in-game purchases available. The twist is that 20% of all benefits will go towards a foundation in aid of the Indian army. In a way, by being a virtual soldier, you may help out real ones.

If you liked what you read, and meet the device requirements, then this Indian soldier tale awaits you at the App Store.

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