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Far Cry 6's map has been revealed!

Leak: Far Cry 6 Map Revealed

far cry 6 map revealed
This leak has possibly revealed Far Cry 6's map! How crazy is that? (Credit: Ubisoft Toronto)

Far Cry 6 is set to have one of, if not the biggest, maps in Far Cry history. Now, with a recent leak, we have gotten a sneak peek about just how massive it is, with the entire Far Cry 6 map having been revealed. 

Ubisoft Toronto has been understandably tight-lipped about Far Cry 6's map. After Far Cry 5 proved to be a flop, Far Cry 6 is being touted as the return-to-form that Far Cry so badly needs. To be honest – after the recent Far Cry 6 gameplay reveal, and now this Far Cry 6 map reveal, we are starting to believe Ubisoft. That's probably the first time we have "believed in Ubisoft" for years. Don't let us down, guys!

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The Far Cry 6 Map Has Been Revealed!

A Reddit user has managed to secure a pretty detailed screenshot that has revealed all of Far Cry 6's map. Now, this could not be correct, perhaps Far Cry 6's map is actually even bigger than this, but if it is... it must be bloody enormous! The map shows off what seem like four different regions, and a real diversity in locations – from mountains, to the much-advertised city, to wilderness, we are going to be in for a treat (if this proves to be legit)!

Yara Full Map from farcry

Now, that is a Far Cry 6 map to write about! Insanely detailed, with glimpses of many of the places that we have seen in the trailer. Far Cry 6's map will feature the very first full-scale city in Far Cry history, and we couldn't be more excited. It almost seems like Far Cry is taking a page out of Just Cause's book in this new game – it has that much diversity!

Look, all of this could be rubbish, let's be honest. It could be "fake news" and it could be a very pretty drawing from an overly zealous fan, or it could be real. Either way, the Far Cry 6 map is going to be insane, and we can't wait to jump in, drive, fly and scoot around its vast expanse. Far Cry 6 looks to be a blast – literally and figuratively – and we here at EarlyGame are going to be with you every step of the way!


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