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HYPE, HYPE, HYPE: Fall Guys Season 3 Reveal

Fall Guys Season 3 Winter

Fall Guys Winter Knockout Season 3 (Image Credit: Mediatonic)

The Fall Guys devs. are up to their antics again by leaking the Season 3 reveal one piece at a time. The Fall Guys community was challenged and rose to the task earning their season 3 reveal.

Choo choo, the hype train is ready for take off... Yes, Fall Guse Season 3 is about to come. Choo choo!!!

The Fall Guys devs. At Mediatonic took to Twitter and the game’s Discord channel and released dozens of image blocks that the Fall Guys fans had to put together in order to learn about the season 3 Reveal. If you follow the Fall Guys official Twitter you will know they like to have fun and tease the fans. For example, the apparent Falls Guys Lore that didn’t go over so well.

After the reveal puzzle was solved MediaTonic finally gave up the goods on Twitter.

Not much more is know about Season 3 but it is clear that the theme will be winter and our bean-shaped heroes will be slipping and sliding across the map. The Fall Guys Winter Knock Out season will be a chilly endeavor indeed.

Are you still playing Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout? Or is this a dead game? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter if you are still falling and hyped for Season 3 Winter: Knockout!

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