Literally running on thin ice!

Fall Guys Gets a New Final Map: Thin Ice

Fall guys thin ice

New Final Map Revealed for Season 3 of Fall Guys. (Image Credit: Mediatonic)

The winter update to Fall guys is coming soon and the devs gave us an early Christmas gift with a new final map preview. Players will battle it out on Thin Ice – yeah, that's literally the name of the map! Let’s take a look at this new final map.

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If you know Fall Guys, then you must know Hex-A-Gon very well and the new map is basically that on ice. Mediatonic revealed the new map on Twitter and showed off its new icy mechanic:

As players run across the hexagons they remove one layer of ice until there is no ice left, only leaving pink slime for you to fall in. At this point you're knocked out and become a fall guy swimming in slime. The short video of Thin Ice showed that there are up to 3 layers of ice stacked on top of each other. The layers of ice crack as players run over them, but it seems jumping removes more layers than simply running across it.

It's hard to exactly tell from this short video how the new mechanics of this map work exactly, but it did look more chaotic than other final maps in Fall Guys. Your quest for a crown is never easy, so just chill out dude and crack a frosty one this holiday season.

Players will have to wait until the December 15 release to battle on Thin Ice and the 6 other new maps that will come with Season 3 of Fall Guys. Keep frosty and keep falling – Season 3 Winter Breakout is coming to Fall Guys soon.

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