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Free Halo x Portal Shooter Coming to Consoles Next Week

Splitgate is a free to play shooter that looks like Halo meets Portal
It's a bold juxtaposition of puzzle game with shooter, to be sure | © 1047 Games

There's a free-to-play shooter that's been in early access on PC for some time. It's called Splitgate and it's basically Halo meets Portal. And the good news? It's coming to Xbox and Playstation, with cross-play, next week. We've got all the details below.

Ever wanted to see the Portal concept translated into a shooter? Well, now you can. When we said Halo meets Portal, we weren't being cheeky, that's literally how the Splitgate devs describe the game. And it works, it really works. Now, if you've got a PC then you can play right now, but if you're on console then you can begin playing from next week, and either way, it's free, which is obviously great news. 


What Is Splitgate?

Splitgate is a shooter that brings mechanics from Portal into Halo. Basically. So at its core, it's a shooter, with all the game modes that normally entails, but it has the additional feature of portals to make movement infinitely more complex. If it's hard to visualize just watch the trailer:

It looks fantastic – to us at least. And if at all interested, you'll be pleased to know just how much is available to play next week:

  • 20+ maps
  • 15+ modes
  • Cross-play gaming
  • Feature-Filled matchmaking
  • Ranked, Casual, and Custom Games

To reiterate, this is all completely free. So it would be a shame to miss out. 

More shooter news, to calm your fragging desires:

When Is Splitgate Releasing On Consoles

Splitgate will be available from the Xbox and PlayStation digital stores for free on July 27. And as we said, crossplay is enabled, so you'll be able to jump in with friends on another console or PC.  

We could tell you all about the game's unique features or try to sell you on the maps they've introduced so far, but Splitgate is free. You don't need to buy anything. If the concept excites you, just try it out. Personally, we've been loving it on PC, and we highly recommend giving it a shot.  

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