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Which was the best, which was the worst?

Every Battlefield Game Ranked

Every Battlefield Game Ranked
Which was the best, which was the worst? (Credit: EA)

There have been a number of Battlefield games throughout the years, but which was the best and which was the worst? Let’s have a look.

You all love Battlefield and it’s understandable. Many of you probably started playing these games when you were younger and they’ve been part of your lives ever since.

With Battlefield 6 news coming in so regularly now, we thought we’d take this opportunity to take a trip down memory lane and look at all these Battlefield games that we’ve gotten throughout the years on PC, and rank them.

11. Battlefield Hardline

Every Battlefield Game Ranked - Battlefield Hardline
It had so much potential, that's why it hurts even more. (Credit: EA)

We acknowledge the effort of the devs wanting to do something different for once, but we gladly give it back to them and say “No, thank you.” And it's actually really sad, you know? Because further down, you will see Battlefield 2142, and even though it's not technically the same, it is still very different and yet that worked better too.

But a lot went wrong with this game, fans hated it from the start and it was pretty much doomed before it even got released.

Battlefield Hardline was an attempt and it failed. Badly.

10. Battlefield 5

Every Battlefield Game Ranked - Battlefield V

Now, this one shouldn’t surprise you. Battlefield 5 had all the potential in the world, the graphics looked fantastic and the hype was real, but rather sooner than later, it seemed as if everyone had given up on this game… especially those that were supposed to make it better with time. And see, when the devs give up on their own game... you can't save it anymore.

Oh, and that Battle Royale? Let's not talk about that, then maybe it'll go away as if it never even existed...

Battlefield 5 never recovered from all of that, unfortunately.

9. Battlefield Vietnam

Every Battlefield Game Ranked - Battlefield Vietnam
Jeez, maybe I'll take back my statement about the graphics being okay for the year it was released. (Credit: EA)

Okay, we agree that the graphics are literally dog poop, but the game came out in 2004 and that's when EA was still able to show their true colors... you know?

Battlefield Vietnam wasn’t necessarily bad, in fact, many still enjoy the game to this day, it’s just that other games were better, so we had to make a choice here. Forgive us, please.

8. Battlefield Heroes

Every Battlefield Game Ranked - Battlefield Heroes
FORTNITE. Sorry. I have allergies. (Credit: EA)

Battlefield Heroes walked so that Fortnite could run. And to be honest, despite it lacking in a lot of areas (crossplay maybe being the biggest), this game is actually pretty fun to revisit from time to time.

Shocker, right?

7. Battlefield 2142

Every Battlefield Game Ranked - Battlefield 2142
An active modding community is a gift for every game. (Credit: EA)

Battlefield 2142 proves that different can be good (looking at you, Battlefield Hardline). And the fact that the modding community is so active in regards to this game proves that it is indeed beloved.

Nevertheless, for some players, it might not have the "Battlefield" feeling, but that's where the next game comes in.

6. Battlefield 1942

Every Battlefield Game Ranked - Battlefield 1942
We respect the OG's. (Credit: EA)

The complete opposite in the sense of timeline compared to Battlefield 2141.

This game might have been one of the first that you've ever played (Battlefield 1942 came out in 2002) so it will probably forever hold a special place in your heart. We get you, man. Really.

5. Battlefield 2

Every Battlefield Game Ranked - Battlefield 2
Listen, to get number 5 on our list is still great, okay? (Credit: EA)

Now, I know some people will have our heads for this, but please don’t misunderstand, Battlefield 2 is a great game that has caused a lot of joy and anger issues to arise when playing with your team… we just think the others are better. Sorry, not sorry.

4. Battlefield Bad Company 2

Every Battlefield Game Ranked - Battlefield Bad Company 2
Is this why I have anger issues now? (Credit: EA)

Oh yes, let’s destroy everything and everyone around you, that's the theme of this game. Talk about the ulterior power trip. But that’s what makes Battlefield Bad Company 2 so cool. It really paved the way for other games like it, and ultimately, future Battlefield games.

3. Battlefield 1

Every Battlefield Game Ranked - Battlefield 1
The icon, the legend... Battlefield 1, everyone. (Credit: EA)

Listen, we know this game had its problems, but the feelings that we got while playing this game just tops any frustrations that we had with it — at least most of the time. CoD Infinite Warfare gave us spaceships and robots and at the same time Battlefield 1 the complete opposite. Talk about perfect timing.

Battlefield 1 with Grand Operations made us feel some type of way. Anxiety mixed with excitement… but in a good way? Oh, what we wouldn't give to experience that all again for the first time, right?

2. Battlefield 4

Every Battlefield Game Ranked - Battlefield 4
The Pick Me Girl of Battlefield Games, but we're living for it. (Credit: EA)

Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 3 could be swapped here in an instant since Battlefield 4 is essentially the same just prettier.

But that’s why it’s only getting our number 2 spot.

1. Battlefield 3

The daddy under all the Battlefield games and the one thing that every Battlefield gamer seems to agree on. Battlefield 3 is the best Battlefield game. Everyone has their own reasons why Battlefield 3 still is the best Battlefield game to date, but for us, it’s a very simple reason.

Battlefield 3 took every amazing aspect from previous games and turned it into one fantastic one. That’s so simple, yet so genius.. makes you wonder why not every gaming company is doing it, huh?

We hope that Battlefield 6 lives up to the hype and isn't a letdown like its predecessor. If Battlefield 6 will be anything like Battlefield 3, we're sold.

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