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The team is moving on to a new project

Skyrim Mod Enderal Makers Working on a Whole New Game

Enderal: Forgotten Stories Final Patch
The final patch for Enderal: Forgotten Stories has been released. (Credit: SureAI via Steam)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is nearly a decade old, but thanks to an active mod community, has lived on through the years. One of the most successful and beloved mods of the Bethesda game - Enderal: Forgotten Stories, will not be updated anymore, as the team responsible for it – SureAI – is moving to a new project.

Enderal: Forgotten Stories is one of many mods for the massively successful fifth installment in the Elder Scrolls series, and one of the more beloved ones by fans. Sadly for those that keep up with this mod of the 10-year-old Skyrim, it will no longer be updated.

Enderal: Forgotten Stories Updates Seize

The release of the new patch for Enderal: Forgotten Stories will also be the last. The team that updated the Skyrim mod up until now, SureAI, announced that it would no longer have the time to keep doing so. The reason for this is the new commercial project the developers have taken on. No details on this mysterious new project have been released at this point, so fans of SureAI's work must keep tabs on any potential announcements in the coming weeks.

Enderal: Forgotten Stories Final Patch Notes

The fact there won't be more patches doesn't mean we should gloss over the final one. Here are the last updates SureAI made to Enderal:

  • Fixed that the damage dealt by the talent Archaic Might was reduced by armor directly, very often resulting in dealing 0 damage on the highest talent rank.
  • (Set of the Tracker) Fortune of the Tracker now properly increases Rhetoric when being worn.
  • Disenchanting Sublime Garments now grants the proper enchantment.
  • Fixed that some bows would disappear when they were dropped from the inventory.
  • Fixed two sound files.
  • Fixed various typos.

Maybe Bethesda should take notes from SureAI and work on a new project as well. The Elder Scrolls VI is way overdue...

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