Elden Ring Release Date Confirmed | EarlyGame
It’s not like we’ve been waiting for this Elden Ring release date for months… maybe even years.

Elden Ring Release Date Confirmed

Elden Ring Release Date Confirmed
Well, would you look at that Elden Ring Release Date? | © FromSoftware

You remember Elden Ring, more specifically, the teaser, right? The George R.R. Martin game that is supposed to blow our minds? Well, it finally got its release date. Like… for real. It’s an official Elden Ring release date!

Remember Telltale Game of Thrones? That one made you think that anything from George R.R. Martin shouldn’t be turned into a video game. Elden Ring will prove us all wrong, though. That game looks absolutely fantastic. Oh, you think we’re only going by that tiny teaser that we once got? No, honey. We got an Elden Ring trailer, and within that, the release date got confirmed!

When is the Elden Ring Release Date?

Elden Ring will release on January 21, 2022. You read that correctly. It means that Elden Ring will release in less than a year, and from the trailer above, it looks like the game is pretty much ready for launch. Sure, the hair looks whack, but this is FromSoftware. That’s the one thing they can never quite get right. 

Aside from the hair though, the graphics in the trailer are mindblowingly beautiful, but Sekiro and any past FromSoftware game already convinced us of that anyway. Graphics have never really been an issue. So we're certain FromSoftware will deliver when Elden Ring will release in 2022!

Which Platforms Will Elden Ring Release On?

Elden Ring will release on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. That means everyone gets to experience this ride… except for Switch players, but hey… you didn’t actually expect to play it on there, did you?

With E3 and Summer Game Fest right around the corner, it is no surprise that the first companies are dropping their trailers, but an Elden Ring trailer like this was definitely not expected and in no way did we expect them to just drop a release date so casually. With the way it looks right now, we’re more than excited about an Elden Ring release date so soon, because we truly think the game is ready to be enjoyed… or thrown against a wall after dying for the tenth time in a row. But hey, that’s FromSoftware for you.

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Be sure to stick around in our gaming section on EarlyGame, if anything more about Elden Ring will come out, we'll cover it. For now, we're happy about a release date, though.