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Elden Ring Is looking better and better!

Insider Leak: Elden Ring Will Have Dark Souls-Like PvP Multiplayer!

Elden Ring Dark Souls PvP
How many arms do you want? Yes. (Credit: FromSoftware)

According to an insider, FromSoftware's newest game Elden Ring will have PvP multiplayer just like Dark Souls!

Elden Ring is made by FromSoftware. If that means anything to you, you're already hyped because you know it'll be a quality game. Seriously, here is FromSoftware's track record:

Demon's Souls, Dark souls 1-3, Bloodborne and Sekiro.

Are you sh*tting me? That's the type of quality you only see from Rockstar and Naughty Ameri–, I mean Naughty Dog. Of course, if you're a fan you knew that, and I was just writing that, so you could clean yourself up after reading that Elden Ring will have Dark Souls' PvP multiplayer.

Elden Ring Dark Souls PvP
Fashion: 10/10. Practicality: 2/10. (Credit: FromSoftware)

What Will the PvP Multiplayer in Elden Ring Look Like?

All we know is that "PvP/online stuff is in". Yup. That's literally the whole leak. So with that much to go on, we can only venture (we're doing fancy words today, folks) to assume the Elden Ring PvP multiplayer experience will be very akin (told you) to Dark Souls. If you're unfamiliar with the Dark Souls, multiplayer, here's a little guide:

The multiplayer in Dark Souls comes in several facets (fancy word #3):

You can leave hints in your single-player game world, that will show up in other players' single-player worlds. This can be done at any point without any special requirements.

This is what that looks like:

Elden Ring Dark Souls PvP
Dark Souls has what is called asynchronous (yeah even in the captions) multiplayer. (Credit FromSoftware)

You can also summon players into your world to help you in boss fights. This necessitates (#4) special items and will summon another player that assists in your game-world, much like if you were playing co-op.

Now, the crucial aspect to the multiplayer is this one: You can also invade worlds as a dark spirit, and you'll become an enemy in another player's single-player world. This, naturally, is where the PvP aspect comes in. 

Since the combat in Dark Souls (or any FromSoftware game for that matter) is so crisp, people started to have PvP sessions in straight up arena scenarios. Essentially, that's one of the things that makes Dark Souls a timeless classic.

I'm definitely not alone in wanting to see this whole PvP / arena experience fleshed out to the fullest and we kind of got that with For Honor, but then again... we didn't really. So now, you're telling me that Elden Ring is gonna have multiplayer PvP? Yeah, there goes my no-nut March...

Elden Ring Dark Souls PvP
Uhm... eww...? (Credit: FromSoftware)

What Else Do We Know About Elden Ring?

The same leaker claimed that the character creation and starting class systems are essentially the same that were "used in all the Souls games up until now."

Is that a good thing? Well... the upgraded Demon's Souls character creator in the PS5 remake was lit, so if that's the standard to go by, then yes: It's a good thing. We fully expect Demon's Souls to be the visual benchmark and, if you're the same, then you might've been dismayed (#5) by the last leak with straight up doo-doo graphics.

Elden Ring Dark Souls PvP
Psyche! It's not even doo-doo. Elden Ring looks fine. (Credit: FromSoftware)

According to the leaker though, this leak was actually and truly not intended for the public – it was meant for internal use only, so this is nowhere near the graphical fidelity (big word #6) that we can expect from Elden Ring.

What's the Elden Ring Release Date?

We still don't know, but the game was expected in late 2021. Now, since this pandemic screwed us all over, this release date will likely be pushed to 2022.

How distressing (Lucky #7).

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