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Who won EarlyGame's PS5 Giveaway?

EarlyGame's PlayStation 5 Giveaway Winner

earlygame ps5 giveaway winner
Let's celebrate the winner of EarlyGame's PlayStation 5 Giveaway!

We held our very first PlayStation 5 Giveaway. The rules were simple: subscribe to MyEarlyGame, answer a super-short survey, and enter the draw to win a fabulous PS5. Who wouldn't want to win a PS5? Well, considering the value that MyEarlyGame boasts, the fabulous features it heralds, the answer was simple: everyone.

Tons of you joined up for MyEarlyGame, tons of you participated in our survey, and thus tons of you entered the draw to be the happy owner of a PlayStation 5! The problem: only one person can win, and only one person can take home this magnificent device. That's what we're here to celebrate!

Before we do, though, remember that EarlyGame has always got a couple of fabulous MyEarlyGame giveaways in progress – and now that we've launched MyEarlyGame+, some of these giveaways even feature a prize valued at €500+! Ain't that sweet? Get involved:

Who is the Lucky MyEarlyGame PS5 Giveaway Winner?

Congratulations to Simon W., you are MyEarlyGame's lucky PS5 Giveaway Winner! If this were a live-concert, I would be asking everybody to pop their hands together for a round of applause, but this is an article... not a music concert. Please, though: put your hands together and give your phones and computers a healthy round of applause – send Simon W. the most positive of energies!

Congratulations, Simon, congratulations. Enjoy the PS5, brother, and stick to EarlyGame for more fantastic prizes in the future – and MyEarlyGame+ for even better prizes! Oh, also read our articles. We're here for you with all the latest gaming and Esports news!

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