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Weekly Gaming Recap: Cyberpunk Sex Mod, Dragon Age 4 in Tevinter & MORE!


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Want to have weekly game news, but don’t know where to find it? Right here. EarlyGame Weekap is where we’ll tell you what happened this week in gaming.

1. New Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Good news for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic fans! EA IS NO LONGER INVOLVED in KOTOR! WOOOOOHOOO! Sure, the fact that BioWare isn’t working on it any longer is sad, because they’ve done a good job at it, but EA has… changed over the years (to say it nicely) and so fans are actually extremely satisfied by this announcement. And I mean, come on. NEW KOTOR, GUYS!

2. GameStop Situation

My major in economics doesn’t help here, I have no idea how to explain the GameStop situation. Just know that some people from reddit decided to mess with the stock market and now people that were involved in GameStop stocks are angry as heck and the redditors are laughing their butts off. You think this is a meme and not reality? You’re wrong. It’s 2021. Nothing is a meme any longer, everything becomes reality.

3. CDPR releases official Modding Support

CDPR managed to screw up Cyberpunk 2077 to the point of no return, so what did they do? They released a modding support tool in hopes of players making it better. But you know what happened instead? Modders pulled a Skyrim — of course, they did — and made a sex mod for Takemura and Johnny Silverhand. But CDPR didn’t like that. They said that, since Johnny Silverhand was based on Keanu Reeves, it was disrespectful for the actor. Agree or disagree?

4. Dragon Age Main Location Confirmed

MY TIME TO SHINE! In a book that BioWare has published, it was revealed that Dragon Age 4 will indeed be set in Tevinter. But any Dragon Age fan already knew that. After Dragon Age Trespasser’s ending, it was pretty much set in stone that Tevinter would be where Dragon Age would head next. BUT what we didn’t know, is that Antiva and Nevarra are also places we’ll visit. Which makes sense, if you think about it. For Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age: 2 we’ve only seen Ferelden. Dragon Age: Inquisition gave us a slight taste of Orlais but now Dragon Age 4 will go all in!

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