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Star Wars fans, brace yourselves

EA Offically Addresses Rumors of New Star Wars Game Being Revealed at EA Play Live

There will be no Star Wars at EA Play Live in July
Star Wars fans will not be happy about this one, EA.... | © EA, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Star Wars fans are expecting a new Star Wars game at the EA Play Live on July 22. Now, EA has officially spoken on those expectations and confirmed that there will be no new Star Wars game at the EA Play Live in July.

Well, this is surprising, disappointing and... frustrating. Star Wars fans all over the world were, rightfully, hoping for a new Star Wars game by EA to be revealed at the EA Play Live on July 22. Many were hoping for Stars Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2 to be announced, or at least another Star Wars game to be in the making at EA. Now, EA has broken hearts and shut rumors down:

There Will Be No New Star Wars Game at EA Play Live

This is not a leak, a rumor or speculation – this is news coming directly from EA themselves: The publisher took to Twitter to break the hearts of Star Wars fans all over, when they announced that none of the Star Wars rumors regarding the upcoming EA Play Live are true:

If the Twitter reactions are anything to go by, then nobody is really happy with this... reveal. Star Wars fans are certifiably ready to burn EA down, and I'm left surprised. After all, EA does not have the Star Wars license for that much longer, so you would expect them to milk it at this point. Alas... I am wrong and that's good news:

New EA Star Wars Game Is Coming Next Year

...it's good news because EA end the tweet by saying that "we look forward to celebrating with you next year when we share our vision for the Galaxy far, far away!" To see EA not milking a license, but rather taking their time with a game that has bigger ambitions is as surprising as it is promising: EA could easily cash out, but they choose to play the long game. Even more impressively: Arguably they are only going to release one more Star Wars game while they have the license and want to make sure it's a good one. I, for one, do not mind that and believe that Star Wars fans are better off with a polished game than another licensed cash-grab.

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