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Anthem could lose all support by the end of February

EA Ready to Pull the Plug on Anthem

EA cancel Anthem
EA are prepared to let Anthem die. (Credit: EA Sports)

EA aren't known for their patience with games and studios that don't meet expectations. Anthem is one such game. Released in February 2019 to bad reviews from media and players, Anthem has struggled to recover in the two years since and it's beginning to look like the revival project Anthem Next is going to be killed dead in its tracks.

Anthem was supposed to be EA's long-standing, money-making live service multiplayer hit. Exactly two years after its release, the game has totally failed in the most important category - the money-making and is about to fail in all of the others as early as this week.

EA Ready to Let Go of Anthem

EA have been in deliberation as to what to do with Anthem ever since its remarkably underwhelming launch in February 2019. Initially, a team was assembled to limit the damages and make Anthem a viable multiplayer live service option. Fair to say the plan did not exactly work as the empty and boring world of Anthem never turned into anything more than that.

Another Anthem rehab set off in late 2020, starting with a complete overhaul at BioWare - the studio that developed the game. Dubbed Anthem Next, the project was supposed to build the game from scratch. So much so that it was widely known as project Anthem 2.0. According to some insiders, however, the whole thing could be canceled this week.

The EA board is going to assemble in the coming days and give a final verdict on Anthem Next. There are practically two possibilities - either the project will go through and we might see a revitalized Anthem at last, or it will be scrapped altogether, which will almost certainly mean all Anthem maintenance will be shut down.

The positive side of this news is that so few people care about Anthem currently that it won't matter much if EA cut the support. It could also breathe some sense into defendants of crappy live services with no content at launch.

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