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EA might have a few surprises up their sleeve this year

EA Play Live: When, Where & How To Watch?

EA Play Live
EA, like others, have slightly moved away from the E3 model in recent years | © EA

EAs exclusive showcase will be held later this summer - EA Play Live. It's EAs biggest showcase of the year, and so we can expect exciting news from all of their major franchises. Here are all the details you'll need on when, where, and how to watch EA Play Live

For some years now, more and more of the biggest names in gaming have moved away from the E3 model. While one conference is great for gamers; all the excitement exploding on a single weekend, for the publishers themselves it's less appealing. By hosting their own events, they have complete control over the show and aren't competing as directly for our attention. EAs event, EA Play Live, should be particularly exciting this year. Here's a quick guide for you with all the event details. 


When Is EA Play Live?

EA Play Live will be hosted on Thursday, July 22. We don't have an exact time yet, but we will update this article when we have one. It will almost certainly begin in the middle of the day Eastern Time so that both the U.S. and Europe can watch the event live. 

How to Watch EA Play Live

EA Play live is streamed to all of their official social channels, so it's your choice between Youtube and Twitch. There will likely be a number of streamers watching and commentating live, so if this your preferred format you should have no issue finding them. 

If you love a good gaming conference then you probably enjoyed E3, we know we had a blast, in case you missed it here were some of the big reveals:

What Games Will Be At EA Play Live?

Battlefield 2042 and Fifa 22 will 'headline' the event as two of the biggest games in EAs roster, but you can expect all of their major franchises to be there. Of particular interest are the recent rumors surrounding a Dead Space revival, so keep your eyes peeled. 

That's all we can say for now, but we will cover the conference as it happens to live so be sure to return. 

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