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Who will be at E3 2021? What's the Schedule? What are the games?

E3 2021 Schedule: Conferences, Games, & What to Expect

e3 2021 schedule
Could we be expecting a long-legged Mario, or perhaps a Mario Odyssey 2, at E3 2021? Here are the details! (Credit: ESA / Nintendo)

E3 2021 is hitting our screens this weekend, and that means that we've got a lot of work to do. Everyone wants to know the E3 2021 Schedule, so that they can keep up to date on the new games due to be announced, and the publishers and developers that are due for their annual E3 Press conferences. We're all left asking: when, what, and how is all of this happening? For the E3 Schedule, all E3 2021 News, who, when, where, and how, you're in the right place.

E3 is finally back, after it was postponed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020. This year we have a number of developers and publishers holding their usual E3 Press Conferences, with a ton of exciting announcements expected – hence the need for an E3 2021 Schedule! As has been the trend for the last couple of years, E3 2021 will be split between official E3 events, and individual events held by separate publishers. Let's take a look at the E3 2021 schedule...

Look, we won't ramble too long, but check back here for all the latest E3 2021 news...

[UPDATED June 04, 2021]

Full E3 2021 Schedule Revealed!

The full schedule for E3 2021 is now available, and features a major showcase hosted by Goldenboy, Jacki Jing and Greg Miller of Kinda Funny. Additionally, we can now confirm that there will be a joint Microsoft and Bethesda showcase, as well as a Nintendo Direct, a Ubisoft Forward, a Take-2 panel, and a Square Enix press conference. There will also be various Indie Game press conferences and presentations from a variety of other B-list game developers. The full details of the E3 2021 schedule has been updated in this article (see below), so that you can conveniently see the full E3 2021 schedule.

What is Coming in E3 2021?

E3 2021 will feature a confirmed Microsoft and Bethesda Joint Showcase/Press Conference, a Ubisoft Forward digital press conference, along with the PC Gaming Show, Square Enix Presentation, Take 2 Panel, Nintendo Direct, and more. The event itself will be entirely online, with other publishers having announced that they will hold separate events for their respective press conferences. The full E3 2021 schedule has now been revealed, but it is still possible that we will be seeing additions in the coming fortnight. Everything we know so-far is below...

When is E3 2021?

E3 2021 will run from June 12 to June 15, including several press conferences from major game's publishers. This will be the first E3 since 2019, after E3 was cancelled last year due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. That means it has been two whole years since the last E3, making E3 2021 even more exciting. Hopefully the E3 2021 schedule will hold up to its expectations, and we will see some exciting new announcements this year!

Where is E3 2021?

E3 2021 will be held entirely online, with a 4-day-long livestream bringing the event into the comfort of our living rooms. Previously, E3 has always been hosted in a massive Los Angeles' convention center. We could perhaps see a return to the typical live-show that we have come to expected from E3, but for E3 2021, we will be seeing a purely online show.

What is the E3 2021 Schedule?

  • Saturday, June 12
    • E3 Broadcast Pre-Show (10AM PT)
    • Ubisoft Forward Press Conference (12PM PT, pre-show at 11AM PT)
    • Gearbox E3 Showcase (2PM PT)
    • GamesBeat Session (2:45PM PT)
  • Sunday, June 13: 
    • E3 Broadcast Pre-Show (8:45AM PT)
    • 24 Entertainment's NARAKA: BLADEPOINT (9:30AM)
    • Microsoft and Bethesda Joint Press Conference (10AM PT)
    • Square Enix Press Conference (12:15PM PT)
    • Warner Bros Games' Back 4 Blood (2PM PT)
    • PC Gaming Show (2:30PM PT)
    • Future Games Show (4PM PT)
  • Monday, June 14
    • E3 Broadcast Pre-Show (8AM PT)
    • Verizon (9AM PT)
    • Intellivision (9:45AM PT)
    • Take-Two Interactive Panel (10:15AM PT)
    • Mythical Games (11:10AM PT)
    • Indie Showcase (12:00PM PT)
    • Freedom Games (12:30PM PT)
    • VENN (1PM PT)
    • Capcom (2:30PM PT)
    • Razer (3PM PT)
  • Tuesday, June 15: 
    • E3 Broadcast Pre-Show (8AM PT)
    • Nintendo Direct E3 Press Conference (9AM PT)
    • BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. (2:25PM PT)
    • Yooreka Studio (3:20PM PT)
    • GameSpot Play For All Showcase (3:35PM PT)
    • Official E3 2021 Awards Show (4:45PM PT)
  • Thursday, July 22: EA Play Live (show times currently unconfirmed).

E3 2021 Schedule: Will Microsoft Have an E3 Press Conference?

Microsoft will have an E3 Press Conference at E3 2021, on June 13 at about 10AM PT. We expect to see information and announcements about Halo Infinite (a release date, perhaps?), a new Fable game, and the latest Forza.

E3 2021 Schedule: Will Bethesda Have an E3 Press Conference?

Bethesda and Microsoft are having a joint press conference at E3 2021, on June 13 at about 10AM PT. We expect that we will find out more specific details about the new partnership between Bethesda and Microsoft, and hopefully some new game news and announcements.

E3 2021 Schedule: Will Nintendo Have an E3 Press Conference?

It has now been confirmed that Nintendo will be holding an E3 Nintendo Direct Press Conference on June 15, at 9AM PT / 12PM EST. We expect that Nintendo will have announcements for a plethora of titles, including Bayonetta 3, BOTW 2, and more.

E3 2021 Schedule: Will Sony Have an E3 Press Conference?

It is unlikely that Sony will attend E3 2021, after the publisher stopped attending E3 in 2019. Instead, we expect that they will hold their own State of Play event. This is all unannounced, but we would also expect to see games like God of War Ragnarok, and Horizon Zero Dawn: Forbidden West. The event would probably be held around the same time as E3, so in June at some point.

E3 2021 Schedule: Will Square Enix Have an E3 Press Conference?

Square Enix will have an E3 Press Conference on June 13, at 12:15PM PT. As of writing, we know little-to-nothing about what Square Enix has to share at E3 2021. We'll just have to wait and see!

E3 2021 Schedule: Will Electronic Arts Have an E3 Press Conference?

EA will not have an E3 Press Conference, as they are holding an EA Play event on July 22. We will probably see announcements about Dragon Age 4, various sports games like FIFA 22, and possibly some other new games. Fingers crossed!

The full E3 2021 schedule has now been revealed by the ESA, and thus we can confirm that the about schedule is verified and correct. Despite this, we will continue update this article with relevant information, as it becomes available.

Where Can I Watch E3 2021?

You can watch E3 2021 on the official E3 website, along with an E3 App that will become available soon. In addition, we will update this article with the best E3 livestreams, as well as any and all EarlyGame E3 content. We will be writing and reporting live on E3 2021, and will let you know the details as soon as we have them – stay tuned, and stick to EarlyGame!


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