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Dungeons & Dragons AAA, Open-World RPG In The Making

Dungeons & Dragons AAA, open-world RPG is in the making!
I don't care what it'll look like - that's a lie - I just want to play an elf. (Credit: LRMOnline)

Ever wanted an open-world Dungeons & Dragons RPG? Well, it's your lucky day because it’s in the making! Here is everything we know about it so far!

Hidden Path is working on an open-world Dungeons & Dragons RPG. Don’t look up Hidden Path, you’ll ruin the fantasy, but hey, who knows, they might just turn out better than CD Projekt Red, right?

Anyways, how do we know this? Well, in case you’re super talented, you might want to consider applying: Hidden Path is still on the look-out for more people on this project.

What the game will be about, what it will look like, what it will feel like… we don’t know. Nobody knows. Hell, we don't even know what it'll be called. We practically don’t know anything, only that the project seems to be still in early development since Hidden Path is actively looking for more people.

Nevertheless, a Dungeons & Dragons open-world RPG should take a while to be made into the AAA game that Hidden Path is claiming it's making. It’s okay if this takes another 5+ years, as long as it’s as good as fans of the franchise need it to be.


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