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Is this a PS5 exclusive?

Do I Need PS Plus to Play Destruction AllStars & Can I Play on PS4?

Do I Need PS Plus to play Destruction AllStars
Destruction AllStars has so many cosmetics that parents everywhere are hiding their credit cards. (Credit: PlayStation)

Destruction AllStars is the latest free PS Plus game for Sony's consoles. Question is: Do you need PS Plus to play Destruction AllStars, and can you also play it on the PS4?

Well... how do we squeeze this article into something longer than just a quick answer...? Actually, we'll just give you the answer you're looking for:

Yes, you need PS Plus to play Destruction AllStars – if you want to play the game online.

No, you can not play the game on the PlayStation 4. Destruction AllStars is a PS5 exclusive

Can I Play Destruction AllStars Offline Without PS Plus?

Do I Need PS Plus to play Destruction AllStars
You can expect a lot of that. Duh... the name is Destruction AllStars... (Credit: PlayStation)

Yes, dear sir or madam, yes you can. If you don't have PS Plus, you can pay $69.99 for Destruction AllStars and play offline in a game that is set up for PvP online multiplayer. If you do have PS Plus (which costs $59.99 for the whole year), you can download Destruction AllStars for free from February 2 until April 5. Also, you will get Control: Ultimate Edition (a 2019 GOTY candidate) and Concrete Genie for free.

You do the maths here and tell us what's more worth your money.

If you like destruction, colors and in-game cosmetics and customization, this game is for you. Seriously, because that's all this game is about. Basically the premise is that you get in your cars and destroy everybody else while playing one of 16 playable and fully customizable characters.

Expect a lot of dances and a lot of cosmetic microtransactions. Whether the game is any good or not... we'll see soon. Is this another Fall Guys? Another Rocket League? Will it just crash and burn? How would we know, we're not prophets...

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