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A New Diablo 4 Class!

Diablo 4 New Class Revealed!

Diablo 4 Rogue
The deadly Rogue returns in Diablo 4. (Credit: Blizzard).

Diablo 4 already looks freaking amazing - It’s been a really long time since a Blizzard game has had genuine hype. During BlizzCon, we were treated with a new Diablo 4 Class trailer for the Rogue.

We can see the Rogue sitting next to the other battle-hardened classes of the Barbarian, Sorceress, and Druid. You know, just chilling there and sharpening their weapons before they roll out for an epic adventure.

Diablo 4 classes
Choose your adventurer! Diablo 4 Classes. (Credit: Blizzard)

For the OG Diablo players, we all know the Rogue from the first game, where he wielded the deadly Windforce and rained arrows down on Diablo and his minions. As for this new Rogue, Blizzard got it right! They gave her both a bow and daggers with acrobatic melee attacks, as seen in the gameplay trailer.

There are major Diablo 2 vibes coming from the Rogue which seems to be a merger between the Assassin and the Demon Hunter from Diablo 3.

With the Rogue, that’s four starting classes and we think a 5th would make sense since a squad of five is the classic size of an adventuring party. Our Money is on the Necromancer or the Paladin joining the D4 roster at some point in time.

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