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A whole lotta destruction coming your way

Destruction AllStars: PS Plus Release Time & What You Need to Know

Destruction AllStars PS Plus Release Time
Colorful, loud and a lot of destruction: Either the makings of a hit or the makings of epilepsy. (Credit: PlayStation)

Destruction AllStars is set to be released tomorrow on February 2 as a free PS Plus game. You probably already knew that, but do you the release time for Destruction AllStars? No? We do.

The PS Plus February lineup is legit: Destruction AllStars, Control and Concrete Genie. Are you kidding me? We're starting 2021 off right! That's two solid games for the PS4 & PS5 and Destruction AllStars – the new hit-exclusive for the PS5. We're not ones to keep you waiting, so here's what you really wanna know:

What is the Destruction AllStars release time? Sony always releases store updates at midday around the world. That's 1-3pm GMT and 10-2pm ET. So keep refreshing your store around that time frame.

Sony never announces exact hours, but this is an estimate based on the releases months past, so we're fairly certain in these estimates. Trust us (said every untrustworthy person ever).

Still, with Destruction AllStars being such a high profile release, it is also possible that it gets a surprise release at exactly 00:00 GMT.

How to Download Destruction AllStars?

Easy, money: To download Destruction AllStars you can either buy it, or get it for free if you have a PS Plus subscription. Only PS Plus subscribers will get the game for free. Sorry. Without a PS Plus subscription, the game will cost $69.99 and you will still need PS Plus to play it. So quick maths here: Get PS Plus.

To download Destruction AllStars, just head to the PlayStation store and access its PS Plus area. From there you will be able to download the game.

Can I download Destruction AllStars on the PS4? No. Destruction AllStars is a PS5 exclusive. For the PS4, you can download Control: Ultimate Edition and Concrete Genie this month.

What Else Do I Need to Know About Destruction AllStars?

Destruction AllStars will be free for PS Plus subscribers from February 2 until April 5. Yes, that is longer than the usual PS Plus game offer.

As for the game itself, it takes a lot of cues from Twisted Metal: You destroy other cars to earn points. Still, you do more than just wreak havoc in the car: You can also run around the arena on foot and have special abilities to still mess with other people.

Destruction AllStars will have four game modes at launch:

  • Mayhem – A free for all mode that is also playable in single player. Your objective is to earn points by destroying other cars.
  • Carnado – An 8v8 team based mode in which you earn gears by destroying cars or stealing them. You then drive those gears into the carnado to bank them. A capture the flag type of game mode.
  • Stockpile – Another team based mode in which you collect gears, only there are three banks to contest. Something along the lines of Dominon modes.
  • Gridfall – A free for all where the last man standing wins.


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