Confirmed: EA Event Will Livestream New Dead Space Game Tonight

EA Motive is on tonight, and it was now confirmed that the game will reveal some news and a first look at the new and upcoming Dead Space Remake.

We already reported that there will be a new Dead Space and that it is in development at EA:

Now we finally know when we will get some real facts and reveals regarding this upcoming sequel in the fan-favorite horror franchise: Today.

EA Motive Will Livestream & Reveal Dead Space Remake

First things first: EA Motive takes place tonight, on August 31, at 10 AM PT / 6 PM BST / 1 PM ET. So, if you're a Dead Space fan, set your alarm and clock out of work if you're on the west or east coast. Or... just watch the stream afterwards... whatever floats your boat. You can watch the stream here on the EA Motive Twitch channel.

We don't know how long the stream will go on for and what exactly EA will show us. What we do know is that it will be "a very early look at the development". Sounds to me like we shouldn't go into this expecting actual gameplay, but rather will get a sense of what direction the game will go in: Will it stay true to the original Dead Space? Will it re-invent the wheel? Will it have an emphasis on multiplayer like so many modern games do? We don't know. What little we do know, I'll share with you right here, right now:

  • This is a Dead Space Remake
  • It's exclusive for PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC
  • It will update controls, along with visuals and audio
  • It will use the Frostbite Engine

So, yes, this is an extensive remake – a fact also confirmed by art director Mike Yazijian, who said that the game will get rid of all out-dated ideas from the original and use it more of an inspiration than a strict blueprint. In case you're not familiar with the original at all: Dead Space is a horror game set in space, where you play the engineer Isaac, tasked with repairing the space-ship. Think Alien meets Resident Evil, along with the task of saving your loved one, and you basically got the gist.

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