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What a great crossover!

Dead by Daylight: K-Pop Killer Trickster Revealed

dead by daylight kpop killer trickster
EXO meets Dead by Daylight? (Image credit: Syrekx)

The developers of Dead by Daylight finally revealed their new killer. The Trickster is a K-Pop star who has made the career change to full-time killer and could become one of the strongest adversaries in the game! Here's all the info on the Trickster and his abilities.

Ji-Woon Hak is the name of the new Dead by Daylight killer who will join the game in Chapter 19. And yes, he doesn't just look like a K-pop star, he is one!

As "The Trickster", he strikes fear into the hearts of the survivors. With his abilities, he plays like a mix of Huntress and Legion but could surpass both killers easily.

Who is the Trickster in Dead by Daylight?

According to his backstory, the Trickster is a K-Pop star who has found joy in murder. He is basically greedy for fame and wants people to scream his name. Whether it's from joy or fear, he doesn't care. Creepy much?

In the end, his murderousness is even directed against his own fans and also his manager Yun-Jin. She is also the new survivor. Is that hidden criticism of the K-pop business, huh?

To the sound of self-produced melodies, he tortured them, gracefully dashing from one body to another, conducting an operatic crescendo from their wailings. They shouted, whimpered, screamed, cried for their loved ones, cried for their mothers. It was a magnificent outpouring of emotion, of what it meant to be human, and they did it with eyes fixed on Ji-Woon.

Viscera drained from the stage until, with the toss of his throwing knife, the final human instrument fell silent and the music stopped. Covered in sweat and blood, an exhausted Ji-Woon looked to Yun-Jin and bowed. Curtain call. He had attained perfection. With blade in hand, he made his way to Yun-Jin, prepared to tie up loose ends before the credits rolled. But as he reached her— The Fog.

From where, he didn't know, but it billowed around them, damp, cool... comfortable. He saw the grand stage: hospitals and temples, forests and slaughterhouses—an eternal plane adorned with rusted hooks, sustained by the million eyes that would watch him, run from him, experience him. All he had to do was accept, become an implement of The Fog and, most importantly, make them scream. Encore!

How Do You Play the Trickster in Dead by Daylight?

The Trickster has both a melee weapon and small throwing knives with which he can attack at a distance. He carries around 60 knives (OP?) and can refill them at cabinets.

To hurt survivors, the Trickster must hit them 8 times in a short time. If too much time passes or he hits with the melee weapon in between, the timer resets. After many successful hits with the knives, the Trickster gets a Rage mode, in which he moves faster and has infinite knives.

dead by daylight trickster perks
These are the perks for the new killer. (Image credit: Day by Daylight Fandom)

What Are the Trickster's Perks in Dead by Daylight?

Starstruck is dangerous for Survivors who want to blind killers with the flashlight when carrying Survivors to the hook.

Crowd Control is a hex perk and is similar to Bamboozle. However, the killer doesn't have to go through the window himself, only the survivor. On certain maps, this really sucks because survivors are practically locked in.

Speaking of locked in, No Way Out blocks exits for up to 40 seconds, making it similar to Freddy's gameplay. Overall, the Trickster combines many strengths of other killers while being more agile and dangerous due to his many knives.

Is the Trickster OP in Dead by Daylight?

It's not easy to answer this question before the Trickster is officially in the game. Currently, however, you can try it out on the public test servers. There he feels extremely strong and is also really fun!

Especially dangerous are his knives, which he can throw incredibly fast. Aiming is also less difficult than with the Huntress, once you get used to it.

In conclusion: The new chapter brings a really cool killer and will be great!


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