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Christmas Gift Ideas for PS5 Fans

Ps5 gift

PlayStation 5 Gift ideas for everyone (Image Credit: Sony)

PlayStation 5 is the number one gaming product of 2020 so what are the best gift ideas for PS5 fans? We take a look at some gift ideas that will be on all fan's wish lists. We all know that the PS5 is at the top of everyone's list but getting your hands on one may prove to be an impossible task. Let's explore some different options for the PS5 fan.

PlayStation 5 Disc and Digital

Ps5 and ps5 digital

PS5 Disc or Digital? Which one is on your list? (Image Credit: Sony)

The difference between the Disc and Digital versions of the PS5 is quite simple. The price of the Digital is less because it does not include a Disc drive and therefore can only download games off the PlayStation Store while the disc drive version can play games via a physical copy. The PS5 Digital costs $399 and the PS5 Drive costs $499 and stock is in high demand so a chance to get anyone will make you the hero or envy of your friends and family this holiday season. You may also see copies of the PS5 on such sites as eBay for 1000s of dollars but beware of scammers or any deal that sounds too good to be true and we recommend purchasing one from a trusted retailer.

Top Rated PS5 Games

Top rated PS5 Games

Demon's Soul and Cyber Punk 2077 Best a (Image Credit: Sony)

With a high critic and player rating, Demon's Soul and Cyberpunk 2077 are the best games on PS5. This is probably the number one reason to actually want a PS5 is to play these two games on the next-gen gaming console. Both games will cost a AAA price of $70. While gaming can be cheap or even free, you definitely pay for what you get, and these two games are straight-up legit.


PS5 DualSense Controller

The PS5 controller has been lauded as 'the piece' of next-gen gaming tech. Its reviews are through the roof, and buying a second controller for some co-op action is well worth it. The PS5 Dual Sense Wireless controller will run $70 and features haptic feedback and trigger buttons that can even apply resistance. If this doesn't make you a fan of the PS5, then very little will! Maybe go buy a Nintendo instead, which will actually be possible since even if you wanted a PS5, fat chance of getting your hands on one.

12-Month PlayStation Plus Subscription

At $60 it may seem like a high price, but keep in mind you get multiple games for free each month to download and play. So it is the gift that will keep on giving until the next holiday season and keep that PS5 fan busy all year many not a good idea if you want your kid to study or go outside!


Free Games for a month? Sign me up good sir! (Image Credit: Sony)

PS Pulse 3D Wireless Headset

Pulse 3d Headset

A Wireless Headset that matches your console, genius! (Image Credit: Sony)

The Pulse 3D comes with hidden mics, easy-access volume controls, and the option to use it with 3.5 mm jack. PlayStation also has designed the headset specifically for gamers and after the stellar reviews for the DualSense controller, we trust Sony at this point. The Pulse 3D should cost around $200 from trusted retailers.

Fans of PlayStation have some great choices in 2020 and we at EarlyGame hope we have given you a great gift idea!

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