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Christmas Gift Ideas for Nintendo Switch Fans

Nintendo switch gift

Ideas for all budgets for Nintendo Fans (Image Credit: Nintendo)

While Nintendo Switch is not the hottest new console on the market or most powerful, it is still massively popular among its fans. These gift ideas will make the holidays extra special for that someone in your life or maybe an excellent idea to buy yourself a present. Let's take a look at some solid gift options for all Nintendo Switch Fans.

Nintendo Switch Lite

Switch lite

The Switch Lite lives up to its name with its light weight (Image Credit: Nintendo)

The ultimate handheld gaming device on the market and a great holiday gift for any Nintendo fan. A chance to relive your childhood dreams of playing a GameBoy but with a list of great AAA games of modern gaming. The Nintendo Switch Lite comes at the reasonable price of $200 and in a wide variety of pastel colors. While it can play most games, there is a short list of games that cannot be played on the Switch Lite due to hardware constraints.

3D Super Mario All-Stars

Super mario 3d all stars

3 Generations of 3D Mario Games (Image Credit: Nintendo)

This game, I'm telling you, will be a sleeper gift idea for 2020. Any Nintendo Fan will smile ear to ear upon opening this 3 in 1 game. Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy are all AAA games from 3 different generations of gaming. This gaming completion also costs around $60.

Retro Nintendo Joy-Cons

Switch controllers

Retro Gamers get out your wallets! (Image Credit: Nintendo)

These Nintendo Switch controllers are perfect for older Nintendo fans that will immediately recognize these as the orginal NES and SNES controllers, but compatible with their Nintendo Switch. The Super NES controller costs around $40 and the NES Joy-Cons cost around $70 and the easiest way to purchase them is via the Nintendo Online Store, a membership is required.

Nintendo Switch Online 12-Month Subscription

Nintendo online

When all else fails go for a gift card (Image Credit: Nintendo)

For lower budgets, this Nintendo gift idea is a great choice. A one-year subscription to Nintendo Online gives players access to multiplayer, free retro Nintendo games, and other monthly special offers. A one-year subscription costs only $20 or $35.

Fortnite Themed Nintendo Switch

Fortnite switch

Combine a great free to play game with a great gift idea (Image Credit: Epic Games/Nintendo)

Nintendo has paired up with Epic Games to produce a limited-edition Nintendo Switch console with Fortnite themed color and art. They have also included a few extra bonuses to entice anyone looking to purchase a Switch, and play Fortnite too! Since you get a console it of course costs around $320. Along with the game pre-installed on the console you also get:

  • A code for the Wildcat Outfit skin
  • A Sleek Strike Back Bling in two styles
  • 2000 V-Bucks which is the in-game currency for Fortnite

Fans of Nintendo have some great choice in 2020 and we at EarlyGame hope we have given you a great gift idea!

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