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A Destiny film? Go on then!

Bungie Are Hiring for Destiny Movie & TV Show


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Would Destiny be better as a TV show or a film? | © Bungie

Bungie has begun openly searching for new staff to expand the Destiny universe "into additional media". The community has known about Bungie's ambitions to make a Destiny TV show or film for some time, but this is quicker than anyone was expecting. 

Okay look - we know that Destiny did a terrible job of sharing its own story with us. At least the first time around - the Grimoire card system was terrible. But the story of the Traveller is actually quite interesting, and when it's not described in the vaguest possible terms, so is the Darkness. And some of the characters we get to know intimately have become fan-favorites. So why don't we give Destiny's story another go, but this time on the big screen!

Are We Getting A Destiny Film Or TV Show?

Bungie is openly advertising job positions to help expand Destiny "into additional media", and the job requirements are a dead giveaway that those "additional media" are film and TV. Just read this requirement for yourself:

Credited on multiple series/films with experience in animation, scripted television development or current programming, ideally from either a production or a development stand-point – at a network, studio or production company.

This is quite different from the job requirements we normally see for positions involved with animating cinematics or producing trailers. In other words, it's unmistakably a job for someone in film or TV, rather than someone coming from the gaming industry. 

If you want some good news after all this mess, check this out:

When Can We Expect Destiny On The Big Screen?

With the first job advertisements for this position just going out now (September 8 at the time of writing), we think you'll have to wait until 2023 for a possible Destiny film or TV Show. With the way we've seen Netflix acting recently, it's surprising that they haven't already bought the rights to Destiny. For now, we can only wait to see what Bungie does with the project, or who they next approach... 

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