Blade Runner RPG Coming: Set Between Blade Runner 2049 and Original

Blade Runner Tabletop RPG
The Blade Runner universe is simply a world that you can't get enough of. | ©

A new Bladerunner RPG was announced and is set right between the original Blade Runner movie and Blade Runner 2049.

Tabletop RPGs seem to be all the rage right now. Avatar just got one financed on Kickstarter and broke all the records in the process. Now, another classic franchise is jumping over to tabletop: Blade Runner.

Blade Runner Tabletop RPG: What We Know

Well, for one, we know the name: Blade Runner RPG. Simple, and to the point. I like it. Also, the game will take place in Los Angeles in 2037, meaning, it will fit in nicely between the two Blade Runner movies. More specifically, the game takes place shortly after the debut of Wallace Corporation's Nexus-9 Replicants.

Here's how the devs describe the game:

This is the BLADE RUNNER roleplaying game - a neon-noir wonderland that'll take your breath away. One way or another," reads an overview on the game's website. An evocative world of conflicts and contrasts that dares to ask the hard questions and investigate the powers of empathy, the poisons of fear, and the burdens of being human during inhumane times. An iconic and unforgiving playground of endless possibilities that picks you up, slaps you in the face, and tells you to wake up. Time to live. Or time to die.

Yup, pretty generic stuff right there, but hey... what do you expect from corporations at this point. It's ironic though, since... you know... corporate blah-blah on a Blade Runner game... but, I digress.

You can play as either a human or a Replicant, and you'll be travelling the world, while solving cases. This Blade Runner RPG is labeled as an investigative tabletop RPG, so you know what you're getting.

As far as the rule set goes, this one is based on the Year Zero Engine, and, as far as a release date is concerned, the Blade Runner RPG will release next year.

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