Leak: Bethesda Is Working on a Walking Dead Game

A twitter rumor suggests that Bethesda might be working on a Walking Dead game. We explore if there could be any truth to it.
Bethesda Walking Dead Game
A Walking Dead game from Bethesda, and I'm ready for the apocalypse. | © The Walking Dead

Well, well, well... Bethesda is on one these days. Elder Scrolls 6 is in the making, Starfield is coming in November 2022, and they just released Deathloop to massive critical acclaim. Now, the Xbox-exclusive devs, are making headlines again:

Bethesda Might Be Working on a Walking Dead Game

Where did this rumor originate? Well, as per usual... Twitter:

Now, of course there are many major comic licenses out there, but there are few bigger and more major than the Walking Dead. Also, the simple fact that the game is a PvPvE shooter, is somewhat of a giveaway. Few scenarios lend themselves so well to fighting of other players, as well as computer enemies, as a zombie-apocalypse.

Many Twitter users also suggest Judge Dredd as a possibility, but here's the thing: Gamers love zombie games, and Telltale games has already proven that the Walking Dead IP works. Also, Fear the Walking Dead just got renewed for another season, so the Walking Dead franchise is very much on everybody's mind, whereas Judge Dredd is... old-school.

Sure, there are still other comic licenses that are a possibility (Punisher, anyone?), but the simple fact that the word 'major' was so dramatically emphasized, does suggest that it's a comic-book series of massive proportions. All in all, a Walking Dead game would line up perfectly with the few tidbits we have, but, ultimately, 'wait and see' will be the move here.