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The Best Weapons in Valheim & How to Craft Them

The Best Weapons in Valheim
Valheim is mostly known for its perfect depiction of the human anatomy. (Credit: Valheim)

Like any and all survival games, Valheim is about the weapons. To have the best chance of surviving, you'll want the best weapons in the game. To get the best weapons in the game, you'll want to read this article.

Before we get into this, lemme ask you: Ever wondered if Valheim is coming to consoles? No, because you're reading this to improve at a game you're already playing on your computer? Makes sense. Anyways, here's what we know about Valheim and consoles:

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Cool. Moving on:

Best Weapons in Valheim: Swords

The Best Weapons in Valheim
Do you have any idea how hard it is to constantly come up with captions? Here's a Valheim Viking with a sword and a shield. (Credit: Valheim)

Swords are for slashing (who would've thought). Their secondary will stun enemies and is a forward thrust.

The best sword is the Silver Sword (yes, better than the Blackmetal Sword) because of the base damage it can attain. Also, you'll only need a level 3 workbench to craft it. That and 2x Wood, 40x Silver, 3x Leather Scraps, 5x Iron.

Best Weapons in Valheim: Daggers and Knives

Daggers and knives are light and have the lowest stamina cost per swing. Also, they have no movement punishment, which is great for agile builds. They are also great for stealth with 10x sneak damage bonus

The best of the daggers in Valheim is the Abyssal Razor. You craft it with Chitin. Where do you get said Chitin? From the Abyssal Barnacles on the Kraken. You'll need a level 4 workbench, 4 pieces of Fine Wood, 20x Chitin and 2 Leather Scraps.

The Best Weapons in Valheim
Fool! You've brought a club to a sword-fight. (Credit: Valheim)

Best Weapons in Valheim: Clubs, Hammers & Maces

Naturally, these all deal blunt damage, so be prepared to get the munchies.

Hello! Thanks.

Blunt weapons deal extra stagger damage when parrying and are extra effective on skeletons because you skip clapping meat and go straight to boning.

HELLO! I'm on fire... Odin help me.

The Stagbreaker is the second-best hammer. It is a two-hander that deals AoE damage and can be built once you get the level 2 workbench. You'll need 20x Core Wood, 5 Deer Trophies and 2 Leather Scraps.

Frostner is arguably the best hammer in Valheim. A silver hammer, two-handed and deals blunt, frost and spirit damage. You'll need a level 3 workbench and 10x Ancient bark, 30x Silver, 5x Ymir Flesh and 5x Freeze Glands, which you'll get from the Drakes in the mountains.

The best mace is the Porcupine, which deals blunt and piercing damage. You'll need Linen Thread and a level 4 forge.

The Best Weapons in Valheim
This is my favorite club. Ha! How funny am I? No? Ok then... (Credit: Hakkasan - Las Vegas)

Best Weapons in Valheim: Axes

Axes deal slash-damage. They're slower than swords, so keep that in mind. They come one-handed and two-handed. For the two-hander, you'll obviously get more power and sacrifice some movement speed.

The best axe is the Battleaxe. Why? Because its high parry force is amazing, and it has almost the same damage as the Blackmetal Axe. Also, you can already get it at workbench level 2. You'll need 30x Ancient Bark, 35x Iron, 4x Leather Scraps.

Best Weapons in Valheim: Spears

Spears have piercing damage and they can be thrown. Oddly enough, spears have less range than axes. Go figure...

The best spear in Valheim is the Abyssal Harpoon. You'll need the Chitin we mentioned above from the Ocean biomes. You'll also need a level 4 workbench, 8x Fine Wood, 3x Leather Scraps and 30x Chitin. The special thing about this weapon is that it attaches your enemy to you. Physically and emotionally.

The Best Weapons in Valheim
Next up: Best Beards in Valheim. (Credit: Valheim)

Best Weapons in Valheim: Polearm, Atgeir

These deals piercing damage at a better range than the spears. You also have a special attack with AoE knockdown damage. Great for crowds, but bad for stamina.

The best Atgeir is the Blackmetal Atgeir. This might just be the best weapon in Valheim: High damage, great range and amazing utility and crowd control. You'll need a level 4 workbench and 10x Fine Wood, 30x Black Metal and 5x Linen Thread.

The Best Weapons in Valheim
The Draugr Bow is the best bow in Vaheim and this is a boring caption for Google. (Credit: Valheim)

Best Weapons in Valheim: Bows

Bows come in various qualities, depending on what type of wood you use. Once you have Fine Wood, you can make a Finewood Bow, which is... fine. Get some iron and you can craft the Huntsman Bow. The best bow in Valheim is the Draugr Fang, which poisons enemies. You'll need silver and guck from the Swamps to craft it.


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